This is probably going to be a rambling. 

The month of May has its highs and lows. I got married on the 5th & moved over to Jasper's place - which (generally) we were both quite happy to. So that's the high. Jasper wanted us to be independent from my loving parents. If we haven't moved out, we probably wouldn't really appreciate them and how pampered we were back at my place. 

It was honestly difficult for me to break away from home for sure. Let's just be honest. I'm the youngest in the fambam and everyone (tough love or not) kept me pampered and I know that I am a very blessed child. So I guess two weeks in, I was feeling homesick and I never felt that before! And this is the low.

Remember the times you wish you can stay over at your friend's and never have to return home? Omg, I wanted to go home quite back. There's many reasons why I was homesick. But to sum it up - it was the convenience of having my mum around cuz my mum has a spirit of excellence as a homemaker. 

But thankfully I got over it pretty fast I'd say. Haha. I have close friends to talk to and also Jasper to share my anxieties with. 🙆

Now that I'm officially unemployed, I have so much time on my hands that I still haven't quite figure out how to really utilize fully. That kinda sucks. But these days, I've been trying to keep up a routine that's good (by that I meant like healthy and productive) - 

- i would get up
- do some laundry
- grab a bite and read up Steven Furtick's book that's been so edifying atm. omg. 
- if i had planned on filming, i'd do that
- otherwise, i'd be editing videos
- pretty much it for now 


Just sometimes, I think about maybe I should find a job when July comes but I turned up the Jobstreet page of HR jobs and I'm so over it. I don't wanna. Honestly. I'd rather be doing laundry. I'm not kidding. 

It's just not what I want to do anymore. And not that anyone would force me into getting a HR job cuz my family is niceeee. Hahaha. 

I've been saying I want to be a makeup artist for the longest time and I'm sure some people could be like that be already! Yes I will! 


Really thankful for Jasper for the emotional support as well as my beloved friends who believes in me more than I believe in myself. I'll try to not let you down. 


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