FENTY BEAUTY KILLAWATT FOIL Highlighter Duo | Mimosa Sunrise / Sangria Sunset


I wanna pop in with a look I did for Sunday! I wanted to recreate a wearable look for the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil that's been all over social media the past two weeks. We all know Rihanna is known for her bold, sorry not sorry makeup philosophy (watch her grwm with vogue on youtube pls), and I love her for it. There's so many recreated looks with the killawatt foil on instagram and I wanted to do one to! 

But knowing me, I definitely wanted a more wearable look - one that I could actually wear out of the house and not just snap insanely epic photos at home and rinse away. 

So this is my first shot. I'm definitely gonna play with this again tomorrow! Stay tune for that! 

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