Throwback | 20 January 2018

I've got a couple for throwbacks to post so let's start with where I sort of left off in January. Family and friends have been asking me how's our wedding prep and I've been sharing with them that it has been great so far. I personally felt that we had favor with those we met and have spoken to and the things we wanted weren't as difficult to make happen as we thought. 

We definitely had mini arguments here and there and those never tasted overnight cuz it's quite impossible to be mad at Jasper for too long. Thank God for that! Haha. But overall, it really had been a light and easy journey with Jasper. 💓

The cover photo of this post is taken on 20 January where we finally confirmed our wedding dinner venue. This is a testimony on its own. Honestly. We had soft booked it for around 2 months I'd say and the coordinator had been incredibly patient with me about the constant checking if she had REALLY reserved the date and venue for us. 

Reason being: we had been planning other important dates around 5 May 2018, which would be our wedding day. 

Anyways, we've been having quite a few things checked off the list weekly and I'm really grateful that Jasper has been practicing the role of head of the house during the entire journey! 

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