Photos of 2015 | A Little Story-Telling

My original intention was to find a photo to post on Instagram as a #throwbackthursday shot. But after looking through the photo album on my phone, I realized that there's so many photos I'll like to share so I decided to post selected photos on my blog. 

19 February 2015

This is possibly the first day of Chinese New Year. I looked young. Gosh. I was also slimmer than present. Just to be honest. I remember 2015 hasn't been a good year for me. Before 2017, I didn't quite remember if there was a year worth mentioning or being crazy happy about. Life has to go on. 

23 March 2015

I was really excited about going to Okinawa with Jasper. It's still one of my favorite places that we've visited. Here and then, I'd still jokingly (or is it?) ask Jasper to take me back to Okinawa. This was probably period where my skin was at it best and I really like the length of my hair. So vain right? But this is a selfie guys~ 😘😎

23 June 2015

Every time you see a photo taken of me, it has to be Jasper behind the camera. Looking at this photo, I kind of feel bad that during our LA/SF trip, he was being accommodating and making sure that I was happy or that I'm enjoying myself. It was a reward trip for him in the agency. Three years passed, he's still the same guy who does everything to make me happy. 

15 August 2015

Did I mention? I was in intense regret mode the whole! time after I cut my hair to this treacherous length. Mega! regret. Since 2015, I promised myself I ain't gonna cut my hair again. So now, my hair is super long and heavy and a burden when I hit the gym but no one's cutting my hair except Jasper or myself - doing the occasion trimming. Yes, I'd rather trust my hair with Jasper. He's pretty cool about it now. Like, 'Can you cut my hair for me? 1-inch please.", "Okay, where is the scissors?" #ChillAF

8 September 2015

I just started a new job. It was great, I get to dress up however I want without being caught by my superior that it was not formal enough. I realized that I really wasn't that much of a convo-starter or chit-chatter. I don't enjoy talking about my life with others who I know are just passer-bys. 

10 October 2015

This photo makes me feel so bad about not visiting her enough! to the point that this makes me wanna cry now. Really. She's the best for me. Everything I look at my mum and think about how selfish she is towards us, I think of she must have mirrored that from grandma. 

During my primary school days, my parents had to work and I spend so much time with her. She'd wait for me at the bus stop to walk back home together. She'd cook my lunch for me back home almost everyday and bring me to the mama shop when I want to buy ice-cream. (i used to live with her until P4)

She'd legit stare down and wave at me from our 10th story HDB as I walk to the bus stop and I would have to keep waving on the street to make sure she knows that I see her. 

Trip to memory lane. This is.

13 November 2015

First Genting Trip that I could actually remember. We tried gambling at the casino on the last day of the trip. We almost gambled off most of our money and was ready to walk off after placing the last bet. Then... we hit like 130 fold or something! We were so shocked! 😱 Then we're probably bad business for the dealer, he asked us to go somewhere else to play. I think if they let guests win too much, they will be scolded or something. 

But we didn't play anymore, we took the money and went to get some good food! Hehe! 

9 December 2015

God, I want to look like this for the rest of my time on Earth! I think I look good leh~! Hahaha. This was my last month at the job in Bugis before I stepped into 2016 being unemployed. It didn't seemed like a big deal to me then. I am glad that for the first half the year of 2016 because it eventually led me to Christ. But that's another story entirely.


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