Friday, January 19, 2018

How Maybelline Superstar 24hr Foundation Looks in Real Life?

Yes my ear was hurting. No it's not! Haha. Somehow I thought that was a good pose. Hehe. 😂🙅

I was back from Darwin since 15 January, Monday. We spent a good four days there, visiting croc-spots (hehe) under the intense heat and spending quality time together! I'll talk more about my trip in another post. 


More about the foundation

Maybelline Superstay 24hour Foundation is not available in Singapore at the moment unless you search it up on Carousell and purchase using the app. I was going to get it from Carousell but while I was in Darwin, I saw it at Coles, the price was just about the same as on Carousell, about $25 so I went ahead to get it there. 

My shade is Sand. 
If I hadn't got tanner at Darwin, the shade would have been on point. 
As you can see from the photos, it's a little fair for me cuz the sun was relentless, I got tan super fast. 

What I think about it? 
(first impression) 
  • This is definitely a matte-matte foundation. 
  • There's really no need to set it like you might with other liquid foundation. It sets well and feels pretty (again) matte.
  • I would recommend you to prep your skin well with moisturizer or a moisturizing primer for a more semi-matte/natural glow look.
  • It's medium to full coverage and I get it, that can be pretty vague. 
  • What's medium to full coverage? - 1 pump = good medium coverage, 1.5 pump = full coverage, and please stop. 💦

Saturday, January 6, 2018

How MAC Studio Fix Fluid Looks in Real Life?

I did a get-ready-with-me video on Youtube and did this coral/blue eye makeup look that I don't usually go for. I really liked the way it turned out. It's really subtle but at every blink, you see more of the blue color peeking through~! 

Back in December 2017, I posted a How Fenty Pro Filter Soft Matte Foundation looked in real life and I got a pretty good response from it, plus it's really rewarding to me to see the foundation looking so good in person. Hehe. So I decided to continue the series of How It Looked In Real Life with my recent foundation favorite - Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC25. 

It was honestly the OG foundation back in the days (like 3 years back maybe?) but nobody really talks about it anywhere now just because there are so many more hyped-up (otherwise just as good or even better) foundation in the market.

It retails for around SGD55, I bought this awhile back, can't quite remember how much I got it for. 

I took the selfies in quite a couple of different lightings as you can see. The shot above is intense! But even so, it look so good~ I'm (literally) sunkissed and all!