Lookbook | Slogan Tee Woohoo!

Yes you guessed it. I'm currently obsessed with slogan tees! 

I'm in the process of hoarding a bunch of slogan tees on asos.com and Taobao, thank you very much. 😂 I'm starting to think that they are my kind of statement piece in the wardrobe? A little attitude, sometimes sarcasm but understated. You know. 😂😏

I got this "Female Feminist" tee on ASOS and I really liked it! The apparels that ASOS carries go out of stock so quickly every single time honestly, who can keep up. By the time I make a decision to buy it, my size 8 has already went oos, and I got a size 10 instead. But it works for me, I like my tee loose rather than fitting. 

Can I also just point out that I'm a really slow decision maker when it comes to buying clothes online? I mean buying makeup is different, there's no size, just colors and it makes carting out a lot easier - hence the usual/casual impulse purchases WHICH nonetheless I still make full use of them. Okay? (just had to put it out there. 😛)

But when it comes to buying clothes on ASOS or TB, I can take months to complete one purchase. You can ask my friends about it. We'll be texting about clothes and I'll be grumbling that I still haven't got that pair of shoes I wanted (and still in my cart) since July. No kidding. 

Oops, feeling a little long-winded today. 

Top: ASOS omg it's oos, but you can search 'slogan t-shirt' for more options!
Jeans: Topshop


A unglam shot to end the post. Hehe. 

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