Lookbook | Make Me Blush

25 years old and still experimenting different styles and pushing my limits. I like it. 

Okay fine. Haha. Honestly there isn't a need to start this post with my age but I just had to. 😂 Sometimes I secretly (not anymore) tell myself - I would never want to lose this interest of dressing up even when it feels like I'm too old for that shit. Cuz feeling is different from being and I still wanna be interested and passionated about the things I love to do. And having Jasper to encourage me to keep doing what I love, e.g. shopping, with the most sincere face really does cheer me up and make a difference in how I should feel about myself. 

Not sure where that came from but I just think it's really important to be you and to feel good about it. 😉💫

This dress really did it to make me feel insecure with my arms. I didn't know I was insecure until I put on this dress. 😂 But I kid you not, after I got this dress, I got really motivated to workout rn. 

Dress from Asos.com

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