Monday, October 30, 2017

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Stick Foundation Review & Demo

Click on to find out what I think about this foundation!

Products Featured:
Hourglass Vanish Seamless Stick Foundation 
Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

Friday, October 27, 2017

Youtube | Sunset Coral Makeup Look

Products Used ▹
Innisfree Green Tea Eye Cream
NARS Radiance Primer
Benefit Pore-fessional Primer 
Diorskin Forever Liquid Foundation - 021
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - Light Medium Neutral
Australis AC on Tour Palette
Sigma Cor-de-rosa Blush
Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter - Lunch Money
Colourpop Yes Please Palette
Mac Matte Lipstick - Mocha

Friday, October 20, 2017

Product Feature | LUSH Mask of Magnaminty

LUSH Site Description: 
This tingly, minty face and body mask was formulated to be intensely cleansing but never harsh or abrasive. Kaolin clay and peppermint oil rid your pores of debris, giving you a delightfully tingly clean sensation. We add loads of ground aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe and moisturize.
How to use: Smooth mask all over your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water, massaging as you go.

I've been enjoying this mask for the past two months and it's definitely my holy grail deep-cleansing mask. I had been using this mask on the daily whenever I noticed that my skin's a little bumpy or when I feel like I'm going to breakout soon. 

That's definitely not the best way to use this mask as I've noticed that after consecutive days of applying it after shower, my skin has became dehydrated and dull. So don't be like me and go crazy with this acne-treating mask! 😂😳

Have a deep-cleansing mask day once or twice a week.

Having made this mistake of applying the mask on a everyday basis, I've changed my skincare routine to ensure that my skin stays hydrated after application.

Once I cleansed the mask off my face, I'll apply a thin layer of aloe vera to bring back some moisture for a good 30 minutes before I rinse off and apply the rest of the skincare products. That's just how I've been liking my routine. 😂

What I liked the most?

I really enjoy the application process, the mask feels luxurious with a minty scent and has a nice tingly feeling to the skin (just as they advertised). Upon application, you'd feel a cooling sensation on your face, it's almost like the skin is ready for good treat!

My Verdict?

Yes, I definitely wanna repurchase it once I finished my current tub.
Yes, I would recommend to those of you looking for a deep-cleansing mask for rainy days.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Colourpop Liquid Lipstick Swatches #2

Back with another swatch post and this time - it's liquid lipsticks from Colourpop! Woohoo~

The first swatch post I did on Colourpop was about a year and a half ago and as much as I've loved the colours that I'd gotten the first time round, I wasn't that impressed with the formulae. The formulae was thick and drying on the skin. And that was the reason why I sort of steered away from it and went on to try out the Kylie Jenner's Liquid Lipsticks. 

Check out the first swatch post here - Colourpop Liquid Lipstick Swatches #1

After a year and half, I definitely feel that the formulae has improved and texture is definitely more consistency across the different shades they offer. My favorite formula is the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick - they have a nice sheen to the color, it's not a moisturizing lip product but definitely not drying as well.

Calypso - Ultra Satin
Echo Park - Ultra Satin
Fresh Cut - Ultra Matte: Even though it's a matte formula, I don't find it drying on the lip. 

Speed Dial - Ultra Matte
Mama - Ultra Matte
Love Bug - Ultra Matte

Out of these three colours, Mama and Love Bug is more drying on the lips. If you don't moisturise your lips well before application, it might look patchy after a while. You can see in my swatch that it looked patchy on the right end of the swatch. 


The light shades are my favorites in my collection, I usually carry them in my bag for easy retouch and they go with any makeup look! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

September Beauty Favorites!

September had been a month of testing numerous liquid foundations, wear tests on work days, crazy obsessed with some products and ultimate no-go for others. And because I'm still trying out the products I recently got, I'm not yet ready to call them out as my favorites yet. 

We do have 5 products worth mentioning for the month of September though. 

1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Liquid Foundation - 250

I'm calling this my Favorite Liquid Foundation of 2017 right here after using it for 3 weeks. YAS! Hey, mind you, I'm currently trying out at least 4 liquid foundations (including Fenty) for the past month and this had won the race amongst high-end brands like NARS, DIOR & Estee Lauder. (I'll share more on those liquid foundations soon i promise) 

I have combination skin these days - oily T-Zone and dryness along my jawline. I didn't have an issue with this liquid foundation looking bad on me anyways - this is pretty much why I enjoyed this foundation so much! 

2. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

I've loved the Elf Eye Brow Kit since my poly days and I've stayed true and loyal to it for a long, long time. But recently, I've been a convert to no-fuss eyebrow pencil which gave me as much precision as a angled eyebrow brush (on its own). In fact, I have more good brows days since I started using the Etude House Eye Brow Pencil. Wohoo! (pumping the air) 

3. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner - Brown

This is what I call an oldie but a goodie. This had always been in my makeup drawer for a while, it wasn't until I lost my black eyeliner that I took this out to use. I have oily eyelids and this is possibly the only drugstore eyeliner that doesn't smudge and photocopy another line on my upper lids. Gurls, you know what I'm talking about. Sending major love notes to Rimmel for this! 

4. Colourpop Single Eyeshadow - Sea Stars (Light Brown)

This color may seemed a little too light for my medium skintone babes out there, but rest assured! This color is buildable to an intense dark brown (surprisingly) and you can definitely create a 1-eyeshadow look with this color. You can sprinkle a little pink shimmer eyeshadow for a girly too!

5. Colourpop Single Eyeshadow -Top Notch (Dark Brown) 

I mainly use this to intensify the color on the outer corner of my eyes. The great thing about Colourpop's eyeshadows is that they are really pigmented and less is more when you blend. Lurve~


Friday, October 6, 2017

Lookbook | Make Me Blush

25 years old and still experimenting different styles and pushing my limits. I like it. 

Okay fine. Haha. Honestly there isn't a need to start this post with my age but I just had to. 😂 Sometimes I secretly (not anymore) tell myself - I would never want to lose this interest of dressing up even when it feels like I'm too old for that shit. Cuz feeling is different from being and I still wanna be interested and passionated about the things I love to do. And having Jasper to encourage me to keep doing what I love, e.g. shopping, with the most sincere face really does cheer me up and make a difference in how I should feel about myself. 

Not sure where that came from but I just think it's really important to be you and to feel good about it. 😉💫

This dress really did it to make me feel insecure with my arms. I didn't know I was insecure until I put on this dress. 😂 But I kid you not, after I got this dress, I got really motivated to workout rn. 

Dress from

Monday, October 2, 2017

Lookbook | Slogan Tee Woohoo!

Yes you guessed it. I'm currently obsessed with slogan tees! 

I'm in the process of hoarding a bunch of slogan tees on and Taobao, thank you very much. 😂 I'm starting to think that they are my kind of statement piece in the wardrobe? A little attitude, sometimes sarcasm but understated. You know. 😂😏

I got this "Female Feminist" tee on ASOS and I really liked it! The apparels that ASOS carries go out of stock so quickly every single time honestly, who can keep up. By the time I make a decision to buy it, my size 8 has already went oos, and I got a size 10 instead. But it works for me, I like my tee loose rather than fitting. 

Can I also just point out that I'm a really slow decision maker when it comes to buying clothes online? I mean buying makeup is different, there's no size, just colors and it makes carting out a lot easier - hence the usual/casual impulse purchases WHICH nonetheless I still make full use of them. Okay? (just had to put it out there. 😛)

But when it comes to buying clothes on ASOS or TB, I can take months to complete one purchase. You can ask my friends about it. We'll be texting about clothes and I'll be grumbling that I still haven't got that pair of shoes I wanted (and still in my cart) since July. No kidding. 

Oops, feeling a little long-winded today. 

Top: ASOS omg it's oos, but you can search 'slogan t-shirt' for more options!
Jeans: Topshop


A unglam shot to end the post. Hehe.