Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#10 | Sunday Lookbook

Ever put together an outfit just for a new wardrobe piece?

Typically, a 2-inch heel isn’t really my kind of thing but this pair seemed pretty easy to dress up or down. Jasper looked at it for like 5 seconds and said, "why don't you wear something higher?" because he wasn't used to the height as well. 😂

And yes, it is a replica of the Chanel Slingbacks and they looked really good in different outfits tbh! If you do a quick search on “chanel slingbacks”, you’d see Karl Lagerfeld bringing it back on the runway and fashion bloggers are rocking it. So that's awesome. 

When I saw it on TB, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to buy them at an affordable price to if it's really that versatile and it has definitely become a workwear staple and I really love it so far! 

Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Heels: Taobao!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#9 | First Ego

It has been awhile since I hauled for shoes and I’ve almost forgotten how I go all gooey over a delivered parcel with my new pair of heels.
I’ve been stalking @egooffical on Instagram for a long bit and finally decided to cart out one of my wish list items. I was looking for a replacement for my over worn strappy heels and when I saw the Willa Barely There Square Heels, I knew she’s the one. J

Their Instagram feed is beautifully curated and definitely makes you want to check them out on their website. So I did. 

I was really surprised by how comfortable it was to wear Willa out considering the fact that it has a 5-inch/10cm heel. The Perspex strap behind my heel got me worried at first since it’s non-stretch and would wear and tear easily if the pair of heels wasn’t designed right.

So I was really pleased that they made the second strap really snug and the pull factor as you walk leans on that second strap. (if you know what I mean) So practically, it means that the strap around my ankle (attached to the perspex) is really just an accessory.

Point being – it’s a great pair of good quality heels and a keeper 

Also, P.S. it was comfortable enough that I wore it the entire day without cheating into slippers