Monday, February 27, 2017

#8 | Smock Top Lookbook

I'm so excited! I can finally say #blogged! Check out my website to see more photos and read more ramblings! 

Okay, too many exclamation mark in a blog post already. It's been a long while since those days where I would blog about my Outfit of The Day within days of taking the photos. Usually, the turnaround time is like a week or two, getting slow... just like my metabolism. No kidding. 

At the end of this post, you would know that I'm in love with ASOS. 😂

As I celebrate more and more birthdays, I feel like I've gained that tad bit of body confidence to try out styles that I usually stir away from. I remember when I was in my teens and early 20s (omg can't believe I typed that), I always go for checkered shirts and denims. I still do but there's definitely more variation in my wardrobe now. 

Not sure why I rambled all that but I guess it sorta brings me to this outfit! 

Truth be told, I'm someone who watch out for proportions when I dress myself. I try to make sure I don't look short. So you can imagine me pairing this top with a couple of bottoms before I decided to stick to my jeans. 

So I did struggle with matching this smock top with my denim jeans because the proportions just doesn't seem right to me. It still doesn't, now that I'm looking at it as I typed.  Matching my outfit with a classic strappy heels helps to bring back my height a little and I don't look so stumpy. 

But I do really love the wide-cut sleeves and pleated front. It definitely gives off a girly vibe and isn't too bad of a switch for me on a Saturday brunch date. 

Ripped Jeans: Topshop
Heels: Charlotte Russe 
Embroidered Bag: ASOS (more options)

Monday, February 20, 2017

#7 | Continuation of CNY 2017

This is Day 1, Second Outfit. Wasn't planned at all! 

It's almost end of February and here I am talking about cny. Following a timeline and schedule really isn't my thing I guess. But having the time to let the festive season 'settle down' does help to again, gather my thoughts about I feel about this year's. 

This year felt special. To be honest and somewhat cheesy to a few people, I genuinely feel that many things started to feel special and even the tiniest thing felt incredibly sweet to me even since I'm a new creation. 😉😇

Knowing you're truly blessed and seeing things shift around you for the better is a confirmation. And it's something that I cherished close to my heart. Sometimes I look around me and think about journey that I've went through, it wasn't for nothing. It was for all the happenings happening around me. 

Ready for some unedited photos?

Let's end this post with a shot I super love. Hehe. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

#6 | CNY 2017

Goodness! How times flies! I meant to upload this just after cny but it's already 19 Feb! 

I already failed my challenge at 30 post for 30 days! So ambitious. Hopefully I Do get to at least 30 posts this year. To be honest, the cny vibes definitely feel more and more subtle. And by subtle I meant like lack of the feels year on year - which really is a downer. 

I used to really enjoy cny. I think it's part of every girls' yearly routine of planning outfits, getting mums or boyfriends to take photos of them for at least the first three day of the festive season. And again, to be honest, it does gets old. The whole routine. 

This year, as much as I like to visit relatives that we seldom get to see on the daily, the traveling and ultimately bumming in the house and playing with our phone is really same old and the lack of freshness. 

I feel like I'm jumping everywhere with my thoughts here. 

But that's just me. One of many good things is that Jasper would still come early to visit my parents on the first day. Something I really appreciate. My parents absolutely love CNY and nothing like Huat Ah! in the morning can start the new year right for them. So thanks b. 

And yes, my older relatives did mentioned about my pants that has holes. My parents didn't even comment even though I'm sure they saw and that just tells me that my parents respect me the way I am and doesn't try to change me. Also for the fact that it's the first day and they don't want to scold me so I kind of got it easy with the holes. (nonetheless I'm still super grateful and okay, no more for next year on) I gotta respect them too. 

Even though I really don't think a pair of ripped jeans says anything about whether I'll have money or not for the rest of the year. But respect. I get it. 

I wanna share more about my thoughts for this cny so I'm gonna keep it till next post. Anyway I'm duper late already. So it makes no difference right? hahah. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#5 | January Makeup Products Mash-up

Now I'm really excited for the makeup products featured here so I'm going to run through my thoughts on them really quickly!

1. KVD Shade & Light Eyeshadow Quad - Plum 

This is a newfound favs especially since my gorgeous friends bought it for me for my birthday. I've been using it for work on the daily and it's quite surprising how versatile this quad can be! The quality of these eyeshadows are amazing. They are creamy and easy to blend. Building up the intensity of the color is definitely a breeze without going crazy with blending, blending blending. 

2.  KVD Liquid Lipsticks

Again, this is a newfound love. End of last year, I really wanted to splurge on these babies. And when i say splurge, I meant buying a couple at one go - which is really not the way to go so I resisted. So! I'm super happy that I grew my liquid lipstick stash with these! 

Lolita II is my favorite colors for now. And my KVD stash will grow for sure. 

The texture and quality supersedes the Kylie Jenner ones to be honest. But KJ does have those shades that's super hard to resist. 

3. Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipsticks

Oh. You know how I love my KJs. I just love them.

Favorite colors? - Ginger, Brown Sugar, Exposed, Candy K
(Ranking in order - Always In Bag to I Can't Live Without U)

4. Tarteist Pro Glow Palette 

This is a splurge. And a splurge which Jasper paid for. I honestly feel the pain for him.

But I've been using it daily when I prepare to go to work and I love it.

Strobe and Stunner are great for a everyday highlight and Sculpt (cool tone brown) is the perfect color for bronzing!

5. Tarteist Pro Glow To Glow Palette
(It's the top left corner)

I bought this online not knowing that Jasper would get the full size for me.

This is great for travel, really handy.

Love the yellow based highlighter called Burst. It brightens and just looks so good on medium - tan skintone!

The bronzer shade - Chisel is slightly darker as compared to Sculpt. It has a warm(er) undertone in comparison and great for defining the cheeks and chiseled look. Hehe.

6. Tarte Melted Liquid Lipstick

Feeling lukewarm about Chihuahua to be honest. The texture is more like a gloss than a liquified lipstick.

Chocolate Honey is really handy for a quick touch-up though.


That's it for a quick rundown on my January products!