Sunday, January 15, 2017

#4 | How I Feel About Turning 25

I feel super awesome. Really. Genuinely. 

Last year, I was feeling sucky that my birthday is coming yet again. It feels quicker by the year and I just wasn't prepared for it. 

BUT, the change in the mentality I had came so fast and so good. 

I've been saying this repeatedly to myself and to those around me too many times but I really feel super blessed and loved the past few months. I found friends who genuinely cared about your emotions and want to walk with you through it. That's really precious to me. 

Eight years, and we've been through our ups and downs. It makes us who we are today for one and another. We love and accept and continue to love. 

You (all) were so good with surprise and I'm never good with expressing how special you made me feel. I want to make you feel special too. 

Felt undeserving of the love and kindness I've received, you filled my heart with love to the brim and it's overpowering. I wanna make your heart feel that way too.

I pulled out my fake lashes out halfway during our date cuz I couldn't stand it anymore and you said, "I love you more like that." Such a sweet-talker but I know it came from your hear and that's why I'm gonna leech on you for lifez. 

Last but not the least, I'll see you tomorrow. But you remain my hashtag satu. 
Love the solo. 😂
I love you. And there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. 


How great was my birthday. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#3 | Birthday Wishlist!

It's my Birthday Month again! 😱

Embracing that I'm turning 25 this year is honestly not easy. I know it's just a number but it almost felt like at a certain age, there are things that you need to accomplish. And on your birthday, it's like a reality check to see if you have accomplish that certain thing at 25. 

For example, 

- At 16, finishing the O's is a great accomplishment
- At 18, it's a do or die for you JC peeps out there taking your A's.
- At 19, finish poly seems like a pretty great accomplishment too but then comes your family asking you what you want to do in life and if you actually know at all. 
- At 21, it'd be pretty cool if you have went through at least one relationship and get heart broken a million times. (just exaggerating 😜) 
- At 23, hopefully you have a career you kinda like and working towards to your career goal. That's if you have one. 
- Now at 25, it's like - please tell me you KNOW what you want in life already?! Are you getting married soon? (No not soon) When's your wedding with Jasper ah? (ask him) How's your work coming along? (not bad. yar. full stop.) 


Okay, all that just came out from me in five minutes. Birthday wishlist is supposed to be a happy thing.  And it is! 

I'm grateful that at 25, life is good. To put it simply. I'm super blessed to have what I have in life. Wouldn't say - wouldn't ask for better because we all need to progress. So I would say, could be better  and would definitely get better. 💘


My collage sums up my wishlist for me!

1. MAC Lipstick - Spirit, Kinda Sexy & Yash
2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme - Rome, Budapest, Bueno Aires & Zurich (anything nude lai)
3. Pull & Bear Oversized Denim Jacket on ASOS
4. KVD Liquid Lipstick - Bow & Arrow, Double Dare & Lovesick (i'm so greedy)
5. Gucci Dionysus (marking my 25th with this bag, I will have you soon)

6. Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Palette

Definitely unneccessary but I went to Sephora the other day and swatched it and I'm like 😍😍😍.
Also, how pretty is the packaging ladies~~~

Actually the one I wanted is the Pro Glow Palette with 2 Highlighters and 1 Bronzer, $32 - adding to cart right now.

7. Moleskine Dotted Notebook

Recently started bullet journaling and really enjoy taking time to write the old school way. So I'm recently super into notebooks. Some of you might know the Kate Spade Diary story which Jasper was sooo reluctant for me to buy it. I'm still really sad that I didn't in the end. 😕

9. External Hard disk

I'm in constant fear that my macbook will run out of space for my videos and photos. I already have two hard disks. I still want another 9543456976545678 hard diskssss.

10. Starbucks cup

Just cuz it's gold and has a reusable straw. No. Really because I'm too lazy to turn - open cap - drink - turn - close cap on repeat.


My list can most definitely go on and on like the Titanic song (you know that song) but I shall stop at 10 items for the sake of the collage. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

#2 | 2017 Goals Setting

Goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal.
- Wikipedia 😂

I'm not much of a planner and I'm never shy to tell others around me. I'm more of a do-er to be honest.  Coming up with an action plan usually sounds pretty exciting but to have one to achieve my goals is really just killing it for me.

But of course, it's the new year and and the one thing I associate a new year with is - goal setting. Sexy. 

Some would no doubt nailed it by the end of the year. Not sure about myself. But I'm gonna try.

So let's go through the motion with MY goals setting. 

honestly i find it really embarrassing to list out my goals for you to see.
just cuz if i failed. every-bo-deh knows....
it's pretty annoying. that's why i hate goal setting... 


Positive vibes! Come let's do this. 

Impulsive shopping is my forte and cleaning up my room is my hobby. Which means I'm constantly throwing stuff out even though I've only used them for a couple of months. Which is really not a good thing. I'm striving to be smarter with how I spend my money and what I'm spending on. Good luck to me. 

Freely you have receive; freely give. - Matthew 10:8 

My heart is full and I want you to experience it as well. To experience joy and love in a way you never know. So I'm really praying for open doors in this area to be a blessing to others. 

Friends for like 15 years and never traveled overseas?! We gotta change that Kai Ling! I'm pretty sure we will strike it off the bucket list by the end of 2017!

I love makeup and beauty. There's no doubt about that and I try to have fun with it. I honestly don't travel as much as I'd like to, so whenever I have the chance, I make sure the camera is out for some filming. 😊

I love capturing moments, editing them at home and watching them repeatedly. 

I genuinely think that capturing moments through filming is so much more precious than just a photo. Say the Okinawa vlog on my Youtube channel. I always think about it to remind myself why Jasper and I should pick up the camera on the go when we travel despite the fact that it is really troublesome to bring all the gadgets along.

But there's nothing like it

So I'd really love to make more videos in 2017. Giving myself a number like 50 videos or 82 videos is really too much of a commitment for me. (i have commitment issues, Jasper's excluded from that okay~ 😂) 

So let's just say I'll try to make more than 41.

Quick stats over here: 

2014 - 82 Posts

I think this was the year that I was the most active on social media. Like duh right, 82 blog post. Over-achiever right here. Hahaha. I think 2014 was my hippie year? I did lookbooks like once a week, 4 times a month? Yup. 

I was just looking through my Blog Archive (bottom right of 😚) and I'm super impressed by my 2014 self. 

2015 - 32 Posts

In 2015, I did mostly lookbooks and I was writing more about after thoughts and my life in general.

2016 - 30 Posts

Honestly, I was losing my momentum in 2016 for some reason. I would drift in and out of this space and constantly making empty promises that I will get back on track and never really did.

I did a whole lot less of lookbooks and beauty-related blog post as compared to 2014. (which is most definitely my proud-est year in blogger space.)

I was genuinely caught up with life. To put in simply and shortly. 😜


100. Shouldn't be difficult. Considering the fact that I'm doing a '31 days of blogging' challenge for January. I'll have at least 31 posts for 2017. 

I'm still passionate about doing my #ootd and #lookbooks but of course, I need Jasper to take photos for me. So this is a joint effort. 😂 

This is one thing I'm super passionate about planning. I'm in process of brainstorming my list of ideas to share here as well as on Youtube. Praying that I'll have an abundance of time to work on this! 


Sunday, January 1, 2017

#1 | Highlights of 2016

One thing I like to do whenever I logged into my Blogger Dashboard is looking back at the date which I last blogged. And of course as always, I'm shocked to see that I had been away for about 5 months. 😜

It's always a good time to reminisce on what we've done/accomplished for the entire year before we move on to a new one. So I'm starting 1st January 2017 by sharing with y'all my Highlights of 2016! 


The "Rollercoaster of My Life" award has got to be 2016. 

Many things have happened. Some dramatically bad and most surprisingly (fucking) awesome. *pardon my use of language cuz a girl's gotta expressed herself :P 

It was a bad start of the year but the rollercoaster ride has taught me many things and has given me all the blessings that's starting to make my eyes water now just thinking about it. 

I couldn't have imagined a better place than where I am right now to end my 2016. It has been incredibly personal for myself to go through whatever that I had to and pull myself together. And I'm super grateful for those who had lifted me up. Muacks.


1. Finding Myself 
My heart is clearer now that I found my position. I was lost but now I'm found. Just like the song - Amazing Grace. Haha. I really don't want to go in details about my thoughts about that because I can really go on non-stop. 

But if there's one thing you must know from Point Number 1 is that I'm happy&blessed&grateful and I'd like to keep it this way for a long time. 💓

2. Countless of IKEA trips
I know it's really lame that this is one of my highlights like, what have you been doing Lydia? BUT it's genuinely one of my favorite things to do with Jasper. Considering the fact that I'm not gonna have my own apartment anytime soon, I like to switch things up once in a while for my bedroom.  Pinterest is always a good idea for that. 😏

Of course, I gotta acknowledge that he's the one doing the heavy lifting and even though it must have been drop dead heavy, he wouldn't complain, which is really sweet of him.

He's really my "anything for you" guy.
Don't jealous but taken. Haha. 👼

There's never been moments where we're both trying to be alphas. You know what I mean? I'm super grateful to have someone who shares his heart with me and (almost) always patient with me. You know he's a precious one when he not only use words to affirm but also relentlessly showing through his actions. 😘

3. Taipei Trip with My Family (but that was 2015)
*I guess I was still stuck with the trip thinking it happened recently. But I still want it in my 2016.

I mean come on! Are you the one who don't need to worry about shit and just need to remember to bring yourself to the trip? Come, let's Hi-5 right now! That's me when your brother takes care of the planning and your parents takes care of the moolah. You just remember to take pictures, take videos and eat lot, have fun. Big Smiles!

This year, if there's one thing I learnt about myself is that I'm pretty (understatement) sentimental aka emotional/nostalgic. Which is why I guess most of highlights is more of an internal thing for me. Time spent together with those you love whenever and wherever are always precious and hard to come by. 

4. Spending quality time
This has got to the year where I felt like I had spent the time well and not just squandering it away in watching dramas at home or sleeping super early.

Sometimes, just sometimes, Kai Ling and I like to count the number of close friends we have and  make jokes on ourselves that we only have each other. 

I'm incredibly grateful that she's my number ☝ fan in whatever that I do and vice versa, and that she's my sister from another mother. 😚

To be honest, I'm enough for you.💘

I've met incredible (and glorious) people who are strong, independent, kind and loving and I just feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life! 😏



We always talked about the desire to travel the world and to see what the world has got to offer. And I'm sure that beautiful travel photos splashing across the computer screen would have been a good way to sum up a year. Even though that's not how it was for me (traveling to places and all), being right where I am to appreciate the people I have around me and to spend more time with the people who really mattered is a pretty awesome way to start my 2017 as well.

To a new year, and a better me. 🍻