Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life #7

Hello stranger.



This week has been one of those that I feel lethargic and depressed about. Even though it's only Tuesday now. 

I just came back from Phuket not too long ago. Specifically last Sunday afternoon. My brother took quite a few of his close friends, Jasper and I to Phuket for a surprise proposal for Georgina. That was the happy part of the trip. But quite a few of us has been trying to nurse a bad stomach for a couple days now, during the trip and since coming back from the trip. Which is depressing. 

Monday was absolutely uneventful for me. Slept most of the day away. Again, nursing the intense stomachache. Felt like I was getting a stomach flu again. Had that last month. Not fun at all. 

Today (Tuesday) wasn't that bad. I'm slowly picking myself up, trying to feel better/awake by putting on makeup, plan a few outfits, take photos. Jasper and I are going to catch Now You See Me 2 in a bit. 

And that would sum up what's current. 


I was looking back at Life #6 and was reminded of the interviews I went previously. 

I went for a couple of interviews between then and now. I mostly just carry a light heart when I go. I see it as a "great if I got it" otherwise "the delay meant a better one ahead". 

This is me right now. Thinking hard about what else to share while I'm at it. I usually come with reflections or just a particular topic that I want to talk about. Today isn't one of those days.


I've been telling myself that I'll start vlogging for months now and I still haven't got around doing it. Which, I'm really frustrated about. Like I really want to capture moments and be able to keep it. I was looking at videos Jasper and I took when we were traveling and even random clips of us going to ubin to cycle. It brings back a lot of memories and makes me wanna kick myself to bring out the camera shamelessly and film!

Okay, pinky promise with you! reading this now. I'm going to upload the videos Jasper took when we went to Ubin. It was a shag day for me. I'll let you guys know when it's up. :)

Also, I swear (so serious now cuz I'm mad at myself for procrastinating) I'm going to start vlogging tomorrow!


That said, I'm going to charge my camera now.


Bye stranger. I'll talk to you again.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review & Demo

Hey my loves! 

I am a liquid foundation shopaholic. 

Just needed that disclaimer. 

I just wanted to pop by and say hello. No just kidding. I didn't plan to put this up on my blog. Usually I don't repeat what I have on my Youtube channel on my blog. Simply because it's repetitive if anyone of you have seen my video, you probably don't want to see this on my blog again. 

But of course, I love to share what I feel is useful for girls out there who love their makeup stash. So I felt that checking out this liquid foundation review would be helpful for those of you on a lookout (again) for awesome liquid foundations. 



To make this read quick and digestible (MacBook says there's such a word), I'm going to point out a few things about this liquid foundation.

1. Liquid Foundation Most Comparable To This
That would most likely be NARS Weightless Luminous Liquid Foundation. My shade in that was Barcelona. The consistency and texture are pretty similar and both felt really weightless on the skin. Hence great for layering it up for a better coverage.

2. Does it live up to the claims on the box?
So what it claims on the box is that, 1. It blurs your imperfection 2. Medium to full coverage 3. Makes your skin look smoother. Checked all of them! And a huge Yes!

3. See the demo
One of many things that I love about Youtube is Review and Demo videos. Especially the demo part, honestly, just because I get to see how the product really works on others and it's a better gauge to see if it'll suit me as well. So click on the video and watch the demo!


That's all for now!