Saturday, March 26, 2016

3 Things I Know About Love

Love is not an easy thing to write about. Period.

As much as we think we know an awful lot about love and how it works, no matter whether it is your own experience or you've heard stories about your friend's friends, there are just too many theories on who it actually works.

It's like asking the golden question, "What is love?". It's almost as annoying as having your girlfriend asking you, "Do you love me? How do you know you love me?" Ladies, don't pretend you've never asked that because I know I have. Gentlemen, you may roll your eyes now. ❤︎


So here's what I think.

Love is a learning process. It's always a work-in-progress. It doesn't just have to be romantic love. It's  love for your family and love for your friends as well. Which honestly, I'm still learning how to love right. Or perhaps there is no right way. Just for today, I want to write about le romantic love.


So here's what I learnt. 
Pardon the mediocre chart. I've never been quite artistic. 

Let me break it down for you. So basically, I genuinely believe that Trust, Communication and Companionship is the core to any relationship. Am I over-simplifying? Maybe. But it works for me. 

I do know that there are little bubbles in between all that which tends to get in the way and that's how you bicker and argue at times. And that's normal.  



Back when I was much younger, I thought trust was all that you need to make love/a relationship work. It wasn't until much later that I realized that my picture was incomplete. Maybe, it was that "too young, too soon" conversation and I was still immature. But after countless self-reflections and pondering over the years, I came to the conclusion that I was terrible at communicating. 

Without communication, there's misunderstanding and a vicious cycle. And totally unnecessary. 

To trust, you need to talk about yourself, talk about the other person and understand what's going through each other's mind.

What's trust when you don't communicate?


P.S. few years ago

When there's something that I'm unhappy about or have opinions on, I'm the kind of person who would run the conversation in my mind and try to resolve it in my mind and just shrug it off. Sounds crazy right? I don't know how that worked in the past. But that was me. 

Then I'll be like, okay never mind. Move on. 



Ho ho. I'm nothing like P.S. few years ago now. Ask Jasper and he'd be like, "um-hum". 

When there's something that I'm unhappy about or have opinions on, I couldn't wait! to tell Jasper what I'm thinking. There's really not much that he doesn't know in terms of what's going on inside my mind. The moment I start sharing with him, I felt more at ease.

Of course there are moments where there are difficult/sensitive topics which I worry if I'd hurt him with my comments and what not. And those moments ▸ Speak or Silence Forever. I'm being real serious here, those are the crucial moments that determine whether or not you're going to have effective communication with your partner. 

(a) if I choose not to speak; 

He would never know what I really think. Problem unresolved. He thinks that there isn't a problem but I think that we have this problem but we never speak about. Then I'm unhappy yet I chose not to speak about it. You see what I'm getting at? You know the drill. Vicious cycle.

(b) if I choose to speak; 

Okay, maybe he would have a second opinion but that's ideal. Because then I would know that we don't have a common understanding on that topic and we are openly discussing. It doesn't matter who makes more sense or who is more logical or who wins. 

Having a ultimate common agreement/understanding is not even the point guys. 
The point is, to communicate and spend time to understand each other. 

So at the end of that day, both of us could be like, "okay. point taken". And I'd be completely satisfied because my goal is ▸ At least now you know what I'm thinking or feeling.

So ladies, take the high road. It's not easy to be firm and strong and speak the first word. But it'd flow naturally after that. Trust me, when I take the high road, I would stutter with the erms and you-knows for a while before the conversation flows. 



Jasper and I are together for almost three years now and the relationship has taught me a lot of things. 

Okay, let me give you three examples. 

1. There's nothing wrong with being independent and not overly attached to your boyfriend.

Being together doesn't mean you need to spend every second with each other even if you're in a common space. Or when the two of you are traveling and suddenly you feel the exceptional need for him to be by your side 24/7. 

Also, Jasper doesn't 'baby-fy' me and ask stupid questions like, "You want me to go toilet with you?", "You want me to go buy this-this-this with you?". Which, I appreciate cause I can handle myself. 

Companionship is not to be Reliant all the time.

2. Being selfless 

It's mostly about putting others before yourself and the "giving and receiving". I'm still working on this. Most of the time, I still feel like I'm the one receiving more even though Jasper isn't counting. And yes, he is the nicer person. 

3. We are our own, which bring me to Companionship

I used to get really worried when Jasper's over at my place and he has nothing to do and I'll be hovering over him and asking him countless times if he was bored. But this guy is so comfortable with just doing his own shit, it makes me wonder what's my problem, why can't I focus on what I'm doing, and what's wrong with him just sitting at a corner using his phone. If he doesn't have a problem with that, why should I worry? 

We are in a relationship but that doesn't mean we have to be like siamese twins. We are individuals and it's okay to not talk for hours even if you're in a common space (like now, I've been typing for 2-3  hours and he's just using his phone.) 

So I think Companionship is to be comfortable with each other to the point where you can do your own things without worrying if your partner feels neglected. If that sense of closeness and togetherness has to be spoken and shown all the time, clearly one of us is insecure in the relationship. 
I was but I'm not anymore. 


Whew, this is a long one. 

Let me know if you agree with me on this. If not, then let's communicate. :) 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

January 2016 | Haul & Review

Recently I've got a crisis - My hard disk is 800GB used out of 1TB. I can't stop thinking about it and I've been getting seriously insecure about it. It's technically attached to my macbook 24/7. While getting another hard disk would be an easy solution to my problem. I really don't want to spend 100 bucks on it. I would eventually. But not yet. 

Which brings me to this post! I've been cleaning up the hard disk in hopes of  freeing up some space. I chanced upon these photos that I took in January and I've pretty much tried and tested everything. So I'm going to write quick reviews on them and share with you! 

Most of the products here are used in my videos so if you want to see them on action, you can check out my videos - click me!

1. LA Girl Pro Concealer - Creamy Beige, Natural, Chestnut (top to bottom)

I bought them for highlighting and contouring purposes and they're great affordable choices. They have a creamy consistency which makes them highly pigmented and great for concealing spots but not ideal for under-eyes concealing.

2. ELF Foundation Palette - Medium & Dark Palette 

I would strongly recommend you to watch my first impression video for a complete review for this product. But nonetheless, there's a few things you need to know: light coverage, can't cover hyper-pigmentations well but great for under-eye concealing.

3. Moonshot Aqua Face Perfection Liquid - 301 

I haven't been using this recently but I brought it with me to Australia. I still can't quite make a decision on whether I like this liquid foundation or not. I'll be putting it to the test and let you know in a bit.

Just a few things you need to know: medium coverage, not long-lasting but great consistency.

4. LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss 

Dreamy & Backstage are the only two colors that are too patchy. Besides the two colors mentioned, the rest of the matte pigment gloss have fantastic color pay-off and I really love the reds ▹ Obsess & Frisky(which is really surprising). 

5. Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette 

All matte. Great color pay-off. I love it.

6. Kat Von D - Shade & Light Contour Palette 

Love the contour colours, easy to blend. The highlighting colours are somewhat lacklustre in terms of pigmentation and colour pay-off.

7. Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I don't mean to be biased but I love liquid lipsticks! Long lasting and great colour pay-off!

8. Sephora Smoothening & Brightening Concealer - Light 04

I'm honestly surprised at how this pen works for brightening up the undereyes. It's a worth it purchase. Does the job that it claims to do.

9. Sephora Lip Stain - 01

Works exactly like a liquid lipstick. The right kind of red for ladies with tan skintone. Just wished they have more variety in terms of colours.


I try to keep my reviews short and sweet but for detailed reviews on some of the products mentioned, you can always check on my videos on Youtube! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Park Sora Inspired Makeup Look

Who would have thought my first inspired look would be Park Sora?! 

Don't get me wrong. She's really pretty and if you checked out her photos on Pinterest (like I did before I tried to look like her), you would probably be slightly jealous of her healthy, glowy skin complexion. 

Let me do a little bit of explaining as to why I decided to re-create her look here. 

1. I've been really, really loving the dewy/glowy/healthy look these days. I've been trying out different ways of highlighting just to look like I have natural, dewy skin. 

2. I honestly wouldn't have known who she was until Sephora sent a mailed asking if I was interested to go for a meet and greet. (of course they had sent this mailer to all black card members) 

3. So I've been goggling and searching on Youtube on dewy makeup looks and most of the videos that showed up was korean makeup and I was like, "Why did I not think of it? They are known for the natural, glowy makeup!" 


Alright, as much as I would say that I'm a confident person, making that Youtube thumbnail was not easy. Just see below ▽

The photo I took from Pinterest was heavily saturated and it wouldn't have looked natural if I edited my photo to have the same effect. If you wanna watch how I re-create her makeup look, click play below! 

I really enjoyed filming this look and there's definitely going to be more inspired look coming up on my channel. Remember to subscribe to catch my latest video!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Styling Straight Pants

Can I just say that the weather these days has been insanely hot and just slightly unbearable. I feel like the weather has been changing so drastically. I was just feeling hot and bothered (haha) in the early afternoon while out having lunch in the neighborhood and now it's raining cats and dogs. But of course, I'm ever grateful for a little rain. Especially when you know it's probably gonna last for a while.

Anyway back to today's lookbook. Which has got absolutely nothing to do with the hot weather. ❤︎

Lately I've been really loving this pair of straight pants I got from Mango.

I took a really long time to find the right kind of straight pants before I finally made my purchase at Mango. I was really particular about the overall shape of the pants and it wasn't easy to find the right fit.

The style of this straight pants is slightly casual with an adjustable strap around the waist so you could tighten it and make it slightly high-waisted. There are many ways to style a pair of straight pants and today, I decided to pair it with a off-shoulder top.

With the pineapple prints, it immediately tones down the formal trousers look that ladies might opt for on a weekday. I fall in love with the blue pineapples when I saw them at Bugis Street and knew they would compliment each other. While editing these photos, I thought to myself that this would be the perfect beach vacation outfit.

But having said that, I would wear this outfit for a dressed-up dinner date with Jasper! (lose the shades of course. ❤︎ )

With a statement piece like the top, I kept my accessories minimal with a pair of shades, watch and a bracelet. (the usual)


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Monday, March 14, 2016

Priceline Haul | Tasmania & Melbourne

I've recently uploaded quite a few videos on my Youtube channel including my recent Priceline Haul in Australia. Click the video below to watch it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Photo Diary | Tasmania/Melbourne 2016 (Part Two)

We spend two nights at Cradle Mountain. Before we went up the mountain which takes about one and  a half hours, we stop to take some photos of the view.

I remember this is one of those moments where I was admiring the view and immediately visualized this view photographed and framed on the wall. It's that kind of photo where you wish you were right there right now whenever you're having a bad day or just tired of our concrete jungle. (shot in Tasmania) 

Truth be told, the ocean drive in Melbourne was long and slightly dreadful for me because I tend to get carsick with twists and turns but the view along the road was amazingly endless and amazing. ❤︎

Despite the long drive, it was worth it. When you reached the tourist center of the 12 Apostles, which I guess was the main highlight of the ocean drive, there are quite a few viewing points where you could go to and also a couple of (short) trekking routes.

I could hardly see the 12 Apostles and I thought they were quite unexciting to see. They're just rocks to me. I was telling Jasper that if only we had someone who knew geography or some sorts to explain to us things like how they were formed, it would've been more interesting to look at them.

If you follow along the ocean road, it'll take you to a couple more scenic lookouts. I like the other lookouts more than the 12 Apostles. 

For example, the London Bridge above, it's a offshore rock formation and it collapsed in the middle so it's kind of like a broken bridge now. (see! much more interesting with a story behind it right?)

Jasper took all these photos at the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne while I sneak away to the mall to shop. But judging from all the shots he took, it seems like a pretty place to visit while in Melbourne.

Brighton Beach! I finally get it people. All the instagram of the bathing boxes. They were so pretty to look at. I wished we had more time to hang around the area.

Not sure why we had the same face but we enjoyed ourselves!


That's about it for this trip! ❤︎

Monday, March 7, 2016

Photo Diary | Tasmania/Melbourne 2016

I've never done a photo/travel diary on my blog before. I'm not quite sure how I should be doing it but I guess you just cherry-pick the best shots in your hard disk and show it to everyone! Of course, along with bits and pieces of the memory at that particular moment. Hope you like this. 

Just a little background before we get this going. This trip was 11 days long and we spent a week in Tasmania and the last few days in Melbourne. Unfortunately, Jasper and I didn't take as many photos as we would like. Firstly, because Jasper was driving the entire trip, so he rarely had the chance to pick up his heavy-ass slr to snap awesome scenic shots. Lastly, it was mostly desert areas, trees and ocean so it got a little repetitive to keep snapping similar photos. (even though the ocean(s) were still such a sight. i'm such sucker for the blue blue ocean!) 
Let's start from the beginning.

Honorable mention to the blue hat I decided to bring along for the trip. The only reason why I left his brothers and sisters at home is because my luggage doesn't have enough space and I would be stacking them up on my head while walking in the airport. (please imagine that) It had been an absolute life saver during the trip since the sun was relentless in Australia. 

Also another honorable mention to Changi Airport. Seriously, there's no place like ours. 

We spent the first night in a cabin. I've never slept in one before so it was really surprising to step in to see a master bedroom, two double decked beds, a kitchen and a dining table in a HDB 5-room living room space. (okay close your eyes, imagine this in your current living room. got it? let's move on!)

We went to a strawberry farm, picking them wasn't as fun as eating them.
Saw this guy stuffing fresh strawberries in his mouth. Cute or what!
 This is the exciting part about going to strawberry farm!
I think we can squeeze in a extra-large selfie here. He looked tired. 
But he always look something like that. :P
Bay of Fires in Tasmania

Those rare nights where it was creepy dark and scary and windy at night and we wanted to see stars. There were so many just looking with our naked eyes but Jasper took a time-lapse shot and boom! They filled up the sky!

Jasper suggested to go see the Winglass Bay and we did. He didn't know that we had to trek for about 30 minutes or more to get there. I wore skirt and he wore jeans. -.-
I looked like I'm ready for a sunny brunch in the city but nope.
Slight change of scenery a few days later, we have to Hobart. See see look look. Not too bad.
Best decision ever was to go to Mole Creek, Marakoopa Cave. (crystal cave)
There was a guide to bring us around the cave to explain to us how all these shaped below are formed. It was intriguing to listen and learn about them but honestly I was too captivated by the cave itself that I wasn't paying much attention. But it was really worth the trip. 

I know this isn't a place where people who come to read my blog looking for travel advice. But whoever reading this, I do strongly recommend you to save a day for the Mole Creek Caves. We only visited one, but I wished we have the luxury of time to go to all the rest!
That's the cathedral below. Pretty?!
Crystals! I took a much better shot of the crystals than Jasper. Hehe. (proud)
Love this place. There weren't that many devils at the cradle but I got some pretty cool footage. A vlog is coming up!
Jasper was super excited about this shot. He looked straight into the camera!


I'm gonna stop here for now. I still have a couple more photos to share but this post is getting too long. Will share it in a couple more days!