Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Australis Full On Foundation Review

I guess I couldn't emphasis enough how much I actually enjoy trying out new foundations. I feel like I've mentioned this for multiple times already. And that being said, today I have a review on the Australis Full On Foundation. ;)

Before sharing my thoughts on the products, here's all the links you need to click on for more information on the product and if you want to buy it! 

(I personally find the actual colors lighter than what you see in the picture but it's a good guide.)


Review time! 

1. Color 

Finding the right shade of foundation is always a challenge for some of us. To pick out the right shade for you, it's extremely important to know your skin's undertone. So basically there's yellow, pink and neutral and after years of trial and error, I concluded that I have a neutral undertone.  


Quick tip to find out which undertone you might have: 

Vein Test
This doesn't always work for everyone, but it's a 60% confirmation. 
If your veins look blue, you have a cool undertone. If they look green you have a warm undertone and if you can’t tell because you see a bit of both, you’re neutral. 
Silver/Gold Test

If you look good in silver, you probably have a cool undertone. If you look better in gold, then you're warm. If you look good in both, you’re probably neutral. 

I choose nude and I think the shade is perfect for me. A little lighter than my actual skintone but that's intentional because I do contour my face and that helps to balance the color. 

If you are MAC NC30 - NC35, I think beige would be perfect for you. 

2. Coverage

My gosh, Australis definitely makes sure that whatever they name their products to be, it'd better be what it claims. This foundation is heavy coverage and not for the light-hearted (or almost flawless skin) because this would be an overkill for you).

But as for someone like me who needs that extra bit of coverage to cover my hyper-pigmentation? What's not to love about this foundation? 

Just AMAZING coverage. 

3. Consistency & Texture 

It has a smooth consistency and really easy to blend on the skin. You might feel that that texture is slightly thicker that usual liquid foundation but I think that's only normal. It kind of has to be thick to give you that "full on" coverage. And it gives you a matte finish. 

It was overly oily or greasy which was my main concern since I dislike anything too oily/waxy on my skin. 

4. Longevity

I never had much problem with any of my foundations not lasting me the entire day. So this point is irrelevant to me. I feel that as long as you set it properly with a translucent/setting powder, you're good to go.

Update-to-date thoughts 

20 February 2016: I've used it for a couple of times. As much as I love the coverage and finish, I have a feeling that it's breaking me out. So I'll continue to wear it and confirm this accusation. Ha. 


This was good talk. I'll see you in the next post or video! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Life #6

Time Check: 18 February 2016, 5.47pm

Cleaned up my posts feed. If you search "life" on the top left hand corner of my website page, you'll see all the posts I've written on life updates, my thoughts and reflections.

Today I feel especially passionate about writing another life update.

One thing I like about writing is I get to be brutally honest with myself. Usually, this is how it works for me: Something in the midst of an activity that I was doing, I had a revelation (doesn't have to be religious when you see that word okay. it means - a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others.) Then, I'd ponder about my reflection, think it through and pen it down here. 

Now you're like, "where are you getting on with this, Lydia?". 


"Step out to pursue the dream in your heart."

For awhile now, I've decided that if I were to work in a corporate environment, I want to be in the marketing industry. But in my heart, I knew that the ideal situation for me is that to create my own content related to beauty and fashion. 

Sometimes, obstacles and challenges comes along to dishearten you in what you love to do.  "You can't do it." Personally, I feel that when your faith is not strong enough, it really does break you a little inside and make you believe that that really is the case.

Okay, back to the story. 

So I went for an interview today for a online marketing position. I was excited and nervous for a long while since the interview appointment was arranged. I spent time researching, rehearsing the possible questions they might ask like any other interviewee.

Fast forward to the actual interview:

The interview took about 15 minutes. And to be honest, that was all I need to know that I need to stop proving my abilities to others.  And that it was all I need to know that there is no need to put myself in a situation where I allow people to examine who I am as a person in 15 minutes. 

That was all I need to know that deep in my heart, this is not where I belong. Not a place where we need to constantly think about how my actions affect how you see me as a person. Not a place where it doesn't matter what you are passionate for and what makes you who you are as long as you get the job done. 


If you think this is a personal trashing moment for Lydia on this company that she went, you clearly don't get my point. There is nothing wrong with the company, the interviewer was nice and friendly. But at the end of it, I saw a clearer picture for myself. 

The opportunity was greatly appreciated. I prayed for guidance and I think in the midst of it, I got my answer. 


I never felt as assured and happy as I am now even though I'm jobless (to put it bluntly). Granted, I may have parents who would give me money when I leave the house (to put it bluntly). But it has always been more than just the dollar sign. I believe that a right opportunity will come along where I can have best of both worlds.  


It is the time where my sister would say, "you just stay at home let Jasper feed you okay." 
Sorry Jie, I just had to mention you for entertain sake cuz you've always been my sarcasm. ❤︎


Let's try this again. Now. 

"Step out to pursue the dream in your heart."


Monday, February 15, 2016

Liquid Foundation Showdown!

First, let's take a moment to admire these babies... 


I promise you (makeup junkies/lovers/fanatics like me) that you're definitely gonna love this post today. Of all things beauty & makeup, liquid foundations are without a doubt my favorite things to buy. I'm always up for another liquid foundation and I'm always on the hunt for one that's full coverage that would serve me well throughout the day. 

Again, because Singapore is a honestly hot and humid place to live in, makeup tends to wear off mid-day and that's not pretty. That's the reason why we have more and more setting sprays to choose from and more beauty brands creating better formulae to suit our needs. 

So today! I have summarized my history with liquid foundations on which I absolutely love and others which I'm not so much of a fan of. Trust me, the pile will continue to grow and this will not be the first and last liquid foundation showdown! 


Re(marc)able is definitely the most expensive foundation that I've purchased before. Is it worth my money? The answer is a yes! If Jasper threw out all my foundations and I can only have one for the rest of my life, this will be it. (and i'll have to kill jasper afterwards)

NARS liquid foundations are the first products that I've ever purchased from the brand and from then on, I'm a true convert. Many of their products are on the pricey side but there's a reason for everything. Don't you think?

This is my second bottle and I haven't repurchase for a long time now and that's only because I found NARS and Marc Jacobs. Nonetheless, it had been my holy grail in my teens - trusty and reliable.

I tend to pull the Tarte foundation out during short days (back by dinner kind of day). It's easy to apply on, gives you enough coverage but not the holy grail you will go for if you're going for a sweet date night or partying till the dawn. 

This was a birthday present from Jasper and unfortunately I wished I like it more. The only con was the light coverage that couldn't cover my pigmentations. Otherwise, I think it would make a pretty awesome liquid foundation. 

Lastly, we have the highly raved Ultra HD Foundation. Firstly, I bought a shade too dark for me. (so that's my bad) But I didn't like the formula so I'd always mix it with a little MAC Prolongwear Concealer to make the texture feel more like I'm applying the NARS Sheer Glow. 


So there you go! A quick round-up of my liquid foundation collection! Hope you like it! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Makeup Haul | Sephora & Carousell

click for video version! hehe.

After uploading the photos I took for this blog post, there's one thing I know for sure - > I suck at flat-laying anything! And then, I realised one more thing, taking anything at a 45-degree angle works all the time. You'll see what I mean. 

Anyway, there isn't one thing in the picture above that I don't love! Granted that I've only had some of these products for a couple of days, but I've taken them out to try and use it on my face. So far so good. 

There's gonna be close-ups on these products just to give you a little look and feel and maybe tickle you to buy them. :) 

Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette

From Carousell - @makeuplovershop | $70

LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss

From Carousell - @merolshopsg | $13 each

Shades | Dreamy, Fleur, Tulle, Stunner, Obsess, Frisky, Rebel, Secret, Backstage
(not in order but a swatch post is coming up i promise)

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01

From Carousell - @merolshopsg & @hey.vlala | $13 each 

Shade | Trap, Beeper, Solow, Bumble, Instigator, Scrooge, Tulle, Bad Habit, Avenue
(not in order)

Lip swatch video - click me

Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette 

From Jasper/Sephora | $69

Also in this photo, I have Moonshot Face Perfection Liquid. It costs $56. Shade 301.

p.s. all photos are unedited for closest match to actual product colors.

Click to see video!