Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of 2015

I'm really not quite sure how I could expressed how 2015 has been for me, so I thought you could read the thoughts I have while 2015 was still happening. (of those that I could remember distinctly of course) 


"At one point, I felt like I was so sure of 2015 and what I'm going to do with my life... Then, I realised perhaps I've got nothing figured out yet." 

"Leaving XXX was the best decision I ever made in 2015." 

"When I was still studying, I thought I'd be the kind who'd be god-damn serious about having a corporate career and climbing the "corporate ladder". But I realised, that's obviously not for everyone."

"I know there are people at work you would pay to punch and kick them. But I also know when you are at the right place and time, there are people you would missed despite working with them just for that couple of months. Truth be told, I started to miss my awesome managers when I said my goodbyes." 

"I still don't do well with 'hey how are you?', small talks and really just socialising." 

"Jasper is/will be my best companion/life partner even though he can be super annoying at times." 

"I'm honestly not sure where I'm at with starting my own business. I don't feel like I failed after the first experience but I feel like I learnt and so, what next?" 

"After leaving for my recent job, I'm happier. Okay, whose not happier when everyday is like a public holiday. Even though I may not have a supposedly fulfilling job that I could wake up at 6.30am to get ready, leave the house and be back home by 8pm, I felt like my life couldn't be better."

"Recently, I started to focus on the things I love to do. Documenting moments, capturing memories and sharing them."


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What's in my travel makeup bag | Taipei Edition

This is a super casual 'what's in my makeup bag' video that I filmed while I was staying in Taichung. Hope you enjoyed watching. 

Fret not, I'll be writing really soon instead of posting my videos up! 

See you in a bit alright! <3

Friday, December 25, 2015

Worked on the Taipei travelogue the entire Friday afternoon. I'm honestly still feel slightly lethargic. But nonetheless, I enjoyed editing the video clips! Hope you guys enjoyed watching too! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grey | Losing Momentum

15 December 2015, 10.44pm

More often than not, I feel slightly guilty whenever I open up the Blogger website. It has honestly been a case of "you have so many excuses not to blog". I felt like my heart was everywhere in the beginning of the year. And when I felt like, "okay, I think I got this. I know where this is going..." Then only to realise that I probably haven't got much figured out yet right now. 

It is kind of discouraging when you have that expectation that you want to live up to and really, when reality appear before you, you stumble a little and question your being. 

Recently, someone asked me about my 3-year plan and my 5-year plan. I paused for a while to think about it. I went silent for a little bit. Well, first of all, the question caught me off-guard. I wasn't expecting such a question. Second of all, even if I had known that she was going to ask me the same question, I would have paused just as long to think about it. 

I prefer living in the moment rather than living for the future. (yes, irresponsible I know my dear look-young-forever older sister.) People do certain things now for a better future, for the commitments they have, for knowing it would benefit them in the long run. For so many reasons.  I want to do the things I do now because I want to. (irresponsible) Because that's how I feel right now.  (tsk tsk) Because I want feel like there's nothing else I'd rather do and nowhere I want to be except here. Now. (okay fine. i give up)

I'm not quite near "Now". Are you?