Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lookbook | Effortless & Comfy

Just like the backdrop of my photo, mood these days has been more than just a little grey. Of course, there's always funny and happy moments with Jasper, my family and friends. But some part of me just couldn't seem to pick up the positivity and hang on to it. 

Last two weeks went by in a blur. Again, November went by just as quickly as October. Time never seems to be enough nowadays. I've been prepping myself all these while for the impending trip on Friday. I'm honestly excited yet real worried at the same time and that's because I really don't know what to expect from the trip. So I've been preoccupied and haven't really got much mood to go out and take photos or dress up. 

Anyways, this dress came by by door a LITTLE tad too late, later than it's supposed to. I know shipping from overseas has its risks and last minute issues, but I'm still need that if you promised a certain time frame for delivery, you have to uphold that promise. Otherwise, what's the point. That's just disappointing considering that it's such a high street brand. 

To be honest, I really don't mind going to breakfast/lunch/dinner/sleep/go anywhere in this dress. If there's such thing called comfort dress (like comfort food), this would be it. It fits nicely enough to show off a little curve and at the same time, loose enough to binge eat at a buffet. It's that kind of dress. 

Always gonna be shots like these...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 things I learnt about the corporate world

Time Check: Wednesday, 11th November 2015, 8.45pm

When I was much younger, I really loved writing journal submissions in school, even the times where  we had to write reflections in Chinese as part of our weekly assignments. I like that it makes you sit back and go through what you did during the day/what you have been doing and pen down what you felt and what you were thinking. 

I honestly haven't been working in the corporate world for that long. It's almost insignificant as compared to my sister's career (the only person I can compare to in my family). But nonetheless, I had so many reflections and learning from the experience. 

So let me start. 

1. Never make assumption

I was 19 years old when I got my first office job. I took a gap year after I graduated from poly and I was excited yet nervous about having to work with older people. At that time, I have no idea how corporates work. So this was the first lesson I ever learnt. In short, I made a mistake by making an assumption that my supervisor would want me to do a certain thing this way. But clearly, I was wrong and I said something like, "oh I thought you want me to..." and she replied with a serious stern face, "Never make assumptions. Next time you are unsure, ask." That, was my present during my first week.

It made such an impression that I would always remind my temp staff or interns during their first week of work to always ask if you are unsure and we would help. It's a gentle reminder to myself to be kind to those inexperience. 

2. They are not your mother/father/friends (if that's too harsh, try being independent)

Yes, your colleagues can become your friend if you guys really clicked but corporate life is no longer like school where you have your lecturer or your friends to help you along and give you a push when you need one. When the tough gets going, you just need to suck it up and get along. 

I always had trust issues, so it's not that difficult for me not to trust and really take their words too seriously. Help isn't always gonna come as you command. So I learnt to be independent, don't ask your supervisors/colleagues brainless questions before you've asked Google. 

3. Smile like you mean it or don't

Whenever I talked about my day to my sister, I would always tell her that I'm not good with the hi-byes or small talks in the lift or ask people how's their day just for the sake of it. And she'll be like, "That's the way it it, you have to be nice if not nobody will like you." (she always says that by the way. Nobody will like you if you're like that. Only Jasper.) 

Which, is true. I don't deny I'm unapproachable. I actually feel quite sad about it myself. Sometimes I even question myself when I can't just open my mouth and say "How are you?" or "Good morning!" Then I realised, bitch just can't do that for nuts. I have to mean it when I say it. And if I don't, what's the point? 

So as much as I would I to blend in, I refuse to change the way I am just so that maybe one or two more people will like me. I have to like me for being me (#sorealsoawesome right jie?).

4. The environment shapes your mentality & behaviour

Sounds so dramatic but it's true. Three months ago, I was in a really negative environment. I feel frustrated, disappointment and hopelessness. I had always been very in-tune with my emotions so I knew that my job and the environment was affecting me even when I left work. I honestly felt like I was just going to be this office lady with no motivation or aspiration for the next 30 years of my life (assuming I was going to work in corporate for the next 30).

I mean come on, don't you feel say just reading that? 

What I'm trying to say is, never deny that your work is making you unhappy and don't find excuses to make up for your unhappiness. If you're not enjoying work, if you're growing or learning anything there, take time to decide if that job is really what you're looking for in life. Because ultimately, it would affect you as a person. 

5. Money or Passion? 

I learnt that money is ever so powerful. I hate it but I can't live without it. But through the tough times, my passion and dream to start my business kept me going and that's when I knew it's not just another daydream to get me through my day. I knew that's what I'm meant to do and I knew that's the reason why I never enjoyed corporate life. 

I'm still not quite there yet (towards my dream) but I truly believe that as long as you have passion for the things you do, you do good.