Friday, August 7, 2015

Lookbook | Monochrome

Time Check: 7th August 2015, 11.00pm

I'm obsessed with Pomelo. Why haven't I jump on the bandwagon sooner? 

I couldn't be more in love with this camisole. It's free-size, so it runs a little big on me. But other than the loose sides, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. 

Life #4

Time Check: 7th August 2015, 10.45pm

I realised I didn't publish my previous post as I look back at my blog.


Time Check: 10 July 2015, 10.16pm

NX3000 is going to be away for a while and hence, there will not be any lookbooks for some time. Didn't realised how much I relied on this baby until it died when we were still at San Francisco. In the meantime, it's just you and I. 
I don't know about you (obviously, but I'd really love to), but I'm the kind of person who does a lot of self-reflection. I'm always thinking about topics like self-improvement: how I could try to improve myself from the mistakes I made, self-worth: pondering about the fact if I deserve better in whatever situation that I was facing, being in control: I feel like we don't think about this much even though we really should. 

Side Note: 
This post is probably going to be a little depressing, but hopefully as you read if or after you read it, you would start thinking about what I've said. 
So let's talk about being in control.

To start off, I can tell you that I don't feel in control of my life at the moment. Which, is depressing. Of course, most people would say, you always have a choice. I used to be most people. I would say this to others when they are facing a problem and would talk about their problem like they don't have a choice.

You always have a choice. But do you?

Boundaries were set and limitations were told so that you know what not to do. When are we ever going to talk about breaking the limits? When are we going to tell other what we want to do? When are we going to be in control of our lives?

I'm currently feeling all over the place. I can't even pinpoint the reasons to my emotions. I just hope it'd pass. Sometimes I feel like it'd be great to have faith. I'm not religious. But if there's a god, I hope there's a plan.
I hope I could put you in another end of the spectrum soon enough.


So yeah, that's me a month ago. I'm feeling much better now. I've tendered my resignation awhile back and honestly I do feel relieved. I felt happier. I'm starting on a new job shortly after but that's temporary. I'm working towards starting up my own business in the fashion industry. (duh) I'm glad to have Clarinda around to support and inspire me to work towards my dream. 

Also, I haven't got a new camera. :( Which is really sad, I feel like it's a void in my life right now, to not have a camera. I mean I do have the Canon G1X but it just can't fill in the void for my NX3000. I've been dying to make fashion and makeup videos to spice up my Youtube channel. 

Soon. Soon.