Saturday, April 25, 2015

Missing Okinawa So Darn Badly

I was looking at the photos for my next lookbook but clicked on the Okinawa Album and started reminiscing the trip. I know I kept saying that I missed Okinawa on Twitter and Instagram, must have been so sick of me saying that now but I really miss it.... :( 

So I'm gonna try my best to document the photos that I'll be posting here. Right above, it's the first sunrise on the actual day 1. We woke up just in time to lift the curtains and saw this amazing view. We had a room facing the harbour instead of the ocean which we thought was a pity at first since we couldn't see the endless ocean view, but the harbour view makes it feel much more like Okinawa. 

I believe I took this shot with my Samsung NX3000. I was really amazed by the wide-angle lens and how it could capture so much in one shot. This is one of my favourite place - Cape Manza. Jasper researched most of the places that we went and I'm really grateful that he did all the homework. The view was amazing. The weather was perfect for sight-seeing even though it was seriously too windy for anyone's good. 

After embracing the strong sea breeze, we drove nearby to have beef! The lobster was amazing. We relied a lot on the photos to order by the way... :)

We kinda took turns to drive. (he drove most of the time) Drove up the hill for about 1.5 hour to a place where nobody will know if you were murdered there and there was no one but a man at the stopover. 

It was soo cold. Jasper went to the car to get the extra layer for me but I was still cold! 

This was okay cuz there's really no one but us. Jasper would be pleased to see this up. Haha. <3

The weather was moody when we went to Cape Zampa. There was really nothing much there except the lighthouse (duh) and a truck selling ice-cream in the cold weather. We climbed over the rocks to get to the edge of the cliff. 

The feeling was undescribable.

Adrenaline rushing hence the smile :D 

I didn't know we were going to a place where I need to climb rocks okay. 

I took off my heels to climb the rocks after this shot. I don't wish to die yet. :P

Walked up to this sacred place where long long ago in Japanese history, that was a place only the royals and sacred people could go.

Walked down looking cool and all. 

Last day, we looked a walk by the beach in front of our hotel. It was nice to have the beach and the ocean all by ourselves.

How can you get sick of this?


We were have another amaze-ball trip in June baby.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lookbook | Empowered

Time Check: 20 April 2015, 10.07pm

It's the end of the dreadful Monday. 

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going for sure. 

Being surrounded by people who are confidence, supportive and loving does make you a better person. You feel better internally and the whole situation just felt right. 

Sometimes I stare at Jasper,  I smiled and touched his big head. Knowing there'll be this person in this world that genuinely loves and cares for me. He makes it a point to hang out with me, catch a late night movie or go out during the weekends because he knew that my weekdays are sometimes pretty rough. 

And because he gets along with my family so well, it makes me realised that I should spend more time with them as well. Bringing my nephew and niece to weekend classes when my sister couldn't make it. Hang out at my sister's place like she's got two older kids to take care of. Or just having dinner with my parents.

I feel empowered and confident to be in my own skin. Not that I wasn't in the past but it gets more intense as time pass and as I get older. And he is the reason why I tell myself to get over work and get over being too stressful at times. And each time I managed to do that, I feel stronger and independent. 
All thanks to him. He is very supportive of the the things I want to pursue and if they don't make sense, he'll make it a point that I understood that. Which, I really appreciate. 



I just wanna say, thanks for making me pretty in photos MOST of the time. I love you. Muacks~

p.s. you still got that jawline there. ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lookbook | On the other side

Time check: 18 April 2015, Saturday - 10.39pm

This month's a downer. I think I'm still suffering from post-Okinawa syndrome. 

In other news, work has been a slight torture. Overbearing and impatient people whose getting so difficult to work with as time past. People say it gets easier with time, but it rarely seem so. I can't wait for June to come where I get to travel with Jasper again. Then perhaps I could start think about what could be my next move. Feeling stagnant is the last thing I want to feel. 

In other brighter news, with Jasper's constant encourage as well as from others, I'm taking baby steps to possibly be my own boss someday. I've been drawing quite a bit these days... 

Let's go back to the lookbook, shall we? :)

Since early January, I've been visiting Topshop quite religiously. I try not to shop as much just because I'm going to the states in June. So it's at most twice a months to Topshop & ZARA to see their new collection. 

The dress is an easy decision to make. Been looking for V-neck tops or dressing to compliment necklaces. The light material of the dress is just to die for in such a warm environment. Hat is from Topshop as well. It's honestly on the pricey side but I've been digging hat since Okinawa so I know that it's gonna be a staple in my wardrobe. Lurve...


Also, I was just watching tribute videos to Paul Walker since Fast7 was out early April. It's so sad. The tribute at the end of the movie felt so real. I could totally feel Michelle Rodriguez' sadnesss. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lookbook | Bringing My Swag

I gotta say, the Samsung NX3000 that Jasper bought for me was my best friend throughout this trip. I don't know about the specs of most camera and how it helps during photo-taking. But one thing I do know is that it has a wide-angle lens, fuss-free, no need for shutter/aperture adjustment, takes the best selfies and has wifi! 

Jasper had his 5D and I had my camera, we also bought the gopro. Sounds like a hassle lugging so many things, but it really wasn't just because we rented a car. We didn't carry the cameras around much except when we reached a particular destination. So we didn't mind at all. 

You could see from the photo above that we had a tripod as well. Gotta have it to take photos together. Thank god he likes to take pictures too and didn't find that a hassle. :P

Anyways, don't be deceived by the hot sun. When the wind blows, it's really cold. I can't take cold much, I realised. I could even layer my trench coat over the leather jacket if it's that bad. 

The leather jacket and ripped jeans are from Topshop.  I was officially a Topshop fanatic since January this year. (Hi 5 right there) Shoes are from Zara, cost me a fortune but luckily I was able to break into the shoe for this trip. Otherwise it would've hurt my feet. 

Hat from Forever 21. Best purchase ever right before the trip. Shades from Chatuchak! Best purchase ever for any trip. Just cuz it wouldn't rip my hair off everytime I tug it above my head. 



All photos unedited.