Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dreamer Dream

Time Check: 30 December 2014, 5.25pm 

Reality is kicking in. It's the end of 2014 and I'm excited about what's to come in 2015. As I grow older, time seems to pass faster, it's unbelievable. I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna spend the last day of 2014 (tomorrow) but hopefully it'd be peaceful. 

I made a trip to Topman before Christmas because Jasper wanted a pair of jeans and I'm a sucker for window-shopping at Topshop. After I've picked out the pieces that I wanted to get for him, I had to shop for my own as well. (duh)

This outfit was really easy to put together. Topshop have these amazing knitted cropped top that's somewhat modest with the belly (and yes, i'm slightly insecure hence covering it up in most of the shots. oops) Love the dark olive green top. Love dark colors in general. Picked up the high-waist shorts from their sales rack as well.

Last but not least, the necklace is gifted to me by lylastore.com from winning a giveaway! It's chunkier that I thought when I opened the package but definitely a statement piece to have. 

Top & Shorts : Topshop
Necklace : Lylastore.com
Heels : Gojane.com

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Brunch Date | Sunday Market

As much as I am a big foodie, I was never good at taking good, delicious foodie shots. And I could never wait till all the orders came to take an awesome all-in-one shot except when I'm with friends who would. Instead, I find myself taking pictures of my friends working it to take a couple of delicious shots. 


We went to Sunday Market! Christy, Jasper and I went to Department of Caffeine last Saturday and I had this really good feeling after a good brunch and catch-up so I thought we should do brunch more often. So Christy and I set a date (which was the next saturday) and we got Adele to join us too! 

The atmosphere was really festive with the christmas deco behind us and Adele was busy snapping away as usual. It was unexpectedly laidback and chill for a Saturday at the cafe unlike other busy cafes where I could hardly hear myself talk. (that, i appreciate very much) We hung out at the cafe for a good couple of hours then we went hunting for ootd-worthy places! 

We had fun. 


The Peach Box

Wanna give a little shoutout to my favourite #armswag online store - www.thepeachbox.com

To be honest, initially I was a little worried about shipping from Australia. I've never bought anything online from Australia and had no idea how the shipping works. The first purchase made was pretty nerve-wrecking. I have to admit I went a lil obsessive over tracking my package and even emailed them to get them to check out for me. Thankfully my first purchase came slightly shorter than two weeks and the guy (Andy) who replied my emails was really patient and friend, so I knew I was gonna make a second purchase soon. 

And I did! It's during the black friday sale. And I mean, come on! How can I miss a good deal on arm candies! Bought the ring with the Roman Empress Ring and the Floating Crystal Bangle. 

The bangles are the bomb. Ring.. not so much. I thought that's slightly overpriced, considering that fact that I could get another bangle with the same amount of money. But I do really love their bangles, good quality products that's able to last for long.

Here's a couple of snips from my Instagram.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Lookbook | Hey Sugar

Time check: 
Currently 26 Dec 2014, 12.05am.

I hope everyone had a blast on Christmas Day. Mine was pretty fruitful and meaningful at the same time. It's been long since Jasper and I made plans to wake up early to head out and find cool places to take photos. So we did. Loved how the photos turned out. I guess we both see it as a creative outlet for us to do what we love. (him taking photos of his lovely subject - me - me playing dress-up)

I've never been comfortable with laces. I always had this perception that laces are real girly and it wouldn't work on me. But I guess I grew up, things changed, and my personal style is evolving. 

When I saw the skirt on shopelr.com, I thought this might just work for me. Contrary to what I thought about laces, I really liked the intricate details of the hem and it makes the entire outfit looked really feminine on me. 


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