Sunday, November 23, 2014



Sometimes you stop what you're doing for a minute and you realized there's no one else's life that you wanted. You knew you wanted to make more out of life. 

You realized that as much as the world is revolving, as much as life goes on, you're painfully stagnant right where you are. 

You wake up one day thinking of making this day different than most of others, you ended up doing absolutely nothing vastly different. 

Because change is not what you embrace. You embrace stability and security. Which, never fails to sound like your national anthem. 


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lookbook | I Could Be Crazy

Yeah to my 100th post! It's been more than a year since I started and I only managed to upload a hundredth. I so need to step up my game here. It's sad to say that I haven't had much time for this space and doing the things I do, but I'd like to believe that what I'm doing now brings me closer to where I want to be perhaps in 2-3 years time. I'd also like to believe that it's never too late to chase my dream as long as I'm ready for it. But until then, let's take it slow from here. 

Honestly, I wish it could be fall all year round. The atmosphere is romantic, the colors for fall fashion is my absolute love. Warm colors, thick coats and black boots... I think I'll be stuck in fall in my mind... Which, brings me to this post! I bought this coat on a whim at Pull&Bear a few weeks ago for my impending trip in March to a cold place. (shh...) And even though it's so hot in Singapore, I still want to wear it out or at least for one of my lookbook. So this is the day. 

Close-up shots were taken indoor just because I'll definitely start sweating in buckets if we did it outdoor. I decided not to spend time on my hair for this lookbook because I've always curl my hair for most lookbooks I had. Thought it'd be nice to have a change once in a while. Also, I've been into nude lipsticks lately. What do you guys think about it?


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lookbook | Faux Faux

I'm back with another lookbook! It's been so long since I lay tummy-flat on my bed and start typing. I'm currently so so obsessed with One by Ed Sheeran. I can't even. I've been listening to it for the past weeks and I'm not done with it yet, so...

all my friends have gone to find~ 
another place to let their hearts collide,
 just promise me, 
you never leave again, cuz you are the only one...

Same old has been going on. Worked really hard at work. I know it's a little thick-skinned to say you worked really hard at work but I really did. Put in much effort to meet expectations of myself as well as others. Bombs are dropped and I slowly got the hang of handling them one at a time. (you'll know what i mean if you're working in a corporate world)

I've gotta admit that I'm quite the spender. Not to say that I don't save at all. I do. But I like to reward myself for the effort I put in to earn that money. (little spending won't hurt nobody. just the fact that it's a little every week *insert smiley face) I've been looking at leather jacket for quite some time and didn't have the urge to buy one until now. I was browsing on Nastygal, walking into ZARA, occasionally bumping into Pull&Bear but just want to commit to getting one unless I'm very sure I like it. 

Jasper and I went to Topshop @ Vivocity and I saw this baby. First thing - the price. We know how faux leather jackets could be overpriced online and in store and considering the number of times I get to wear it in Singapore, I didn't think it's logical to spend over $200 for one. This costs me $129, which I thought is pretty reasonable. Why? Second thing - fit. The shoulder pad is just the right size for me as well as the length of the sleeve. After trying a couple of jackets in different stores, these two came up as the most important factors when I consider buying one. (yes, this is getting boring and logical. cuz you know it's quite pricey for something you don't wear all the time) 

Okay, enough rambling.