Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lookbook | Sky High

This has been my office look for a couple months now and I know it's slightly awkward to wear the same outfit to work especially so when this skirt is so striking and would be really obvious if you re-wear it. But truth be told, sometimes I really don't care what others think about what I wear and other times I just feel confident in this getup that I couldn't be bothered with opinions. *cheers to that

The patterns on the skirt caught my eyes when I saw it at one of the boutique at Bangkok. Can't quite remember the exact location that I bought it from though. After trying midi skirt a while back, I think to wear it right and to look good in it, you have to know your body well. For me, I can't have the midi skirt hanging to low (just above my hips), the proportion looks wrong and just weird. So wherever I wear a midi out, I make sure I wear it somewhat like a high-waist skirt.


side note: 

this pair of heels from nastygal is freaking high. it's definitely at least a 5-inch without platforms in front. which, means that it's incredible to walk in. it looks really sexy and shapes the calves and feet in a good way but the pain comes in after about 2-3 hours after wearing. so brace yourself if you're interested in getting heels like that. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lookbook | Fall is where my heart is

Of all the four seasons, fall is definite my favorite. I love the colors, the knits and the layering. Even though unfortunately the weather in Singapore doesn't really allow thick coats and cardigans, it's nice to have a rainy day once in a while to wear them out.

My cardigan is from Pull & Bear. I think they have the best knits ever~ This was a loot from their sales rack and I'm so in love. But obviously there's a reason why it's on the sale rack - it's pretty thick. Normal girls would think it's too much for Singapore weather but once I laid my eyes on it, I want it. 

My top is from Bangkok, it's revealing. Period. Jasper couldn't stand the look of it cuz I might expose my bra anytime. My skirt is from bugis street, great buy but just a little small. Haha. And obviously my boots is from Nastygal. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Lookbook | Satin Edge

Finally another lookbook for the weekend~!

Some fashionista are risk-takers, they don't conform to a particular style or stick to a fashion trend for long at any one time. I definitely don't see myself as a fashionista in the first place, I just like to put together pieces that I feel comfortable in and still look chic at the same time. I feel that dressing up and styling your outfits day to day is a form of self-expression. It shows off your personality in different ways and it does makes you feel good about yourself at the end of the day. 

Sometimes when I wonder about questions like, "what's my personal style?" or "what's my signature in any outfits?" I tend to gravitate towards answers like, "my messy, tousled hair." or "my cool, come close but not too close face". Whenever I get ready to head out to take lookbooks with Jasper, I make sure my hair is at least messy/wavy. And about the smile, I just don't do good with smiling in my shots. Tested and proven. 

I got my Satin Edge Dress from FLEURAW. This is my first purchase from the online store and I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. I try not to splurge on my first purchases online because you never know if the items they sell online are suitable for you or if the quality is good. So I would buy one item I just have to get there and then and see how it goes when it comes through my mail.

The material of the dress is really comfortable although a little short if you are considering to wear it to work. But it's definitely a good choice for a classic dinner date with your boyfriend or chilling out at a bar with your girls. 

My love for heels is unbeatable (if there's such a term). I'm a die-hard believer that the shoes you choose for an outfit would either make or break the entire get-up. A simple black strappy heels would be safe choice. A nude pumps would give you points for that classic lady vibes. I chose my gold wedges for that edginess.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lookbook | Hey Summer

I'm never a risk-taker when it comes to trying out a different style of clothing. For example, a crop top or let's say, a peplum top. There's something about them that makes me feel extra girly. I mean I'm a lady and I try to refrain from wearing pieces that may make me seem like I'm trying too hard to look young. (if you know what I mean) But with a face like mine, I don't think I'll look any younger even if I try. If I was smiling, I guess I could barely pull off the smiley girl with a (cute)crop top look. But I really couldn't make myself though. 

With all that being said, both my top and bottom is from Bangkok and I'm really happy about my purchase. Firstly, it fits nicely. I tend to have problem with the cutting around the chest-armpit area because sometimes they don't fit like a glove to my body. Ha. 

(second day hair is the best everybodeh~)