Monday, September 29, 2014

Lookbook | Tic Toc

Lately it's been extremely hot and it seems to me that there ain't no good time to take photos. Really. Jasper and I were still trying to recall the different timing that we came out to take photos the past few times and it all seems to us that the weather was pretty much the same at those times. Which really is a buzz-killer. I kept asking Jasper if he can see my sweat cuz I was seriously having a sweaty-upper-lips-alert (quote from Wild Girls).

I'm pretty excited about the month of October. 1. It's a new beginning for me at work now that I'm a permanent staff. (yeah! cpf contribution~ ._.) 2. My recent trip to Bangkok has made my wardrobe slightly more interesting than before. 3. I'm really starting to embrace the hardcore weekdays and precious weekends.

Kuddos to my FOC photographer. I'm a bad poser and he still managed to capture some photos that are lookbook-worthy. It was real easy to get into my usual mood of i-hate-you, go-away & i'm-pissed since the weather is really that bloody hot. 

In case you're wondering how I do my hair...

1. It's day 2 hair - I wash my hair at night so it's pretty much still fresh the next day.
2. I have this weird way of tying my hair and when I let it down, it's a wavy curl. 
    Hold it into a ponytail, then make a U then n then U then n. Then tie it.
3. I only curl the bangs area of my hair
4. Then it's just whole lot of tossing it around. Haha. 


There's just something about black & white that make photos look really timeless. I really like the effect. Couldn't resist not posting these that Jasper took for me. 

Dress from Union Mall
Shoes from Nastygal
Shades from Chatuchak
Watch from Fossil

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bangkok Travels

It's Jasper's Birthday Trip~!

Alright! So I'm finally getting down to recalling and back-tracking what we've done while we were at Bangkok! We went there because it was Jasper's birthday week and also because I kind of hinted him that I wanted to go. :) 

Day 1 - Thursday

We took a bunch of selfies using the gopro and I seriously think that have a gopro really captures a lot more details in one shot for memory sake. 

We walked over to Central World to have quick lunch and luckily they had this food fair going on so it's 'street food but cleaner' style.  Siam Paragon honestly doesn't interest me much. I can find everything they have there back in Singapore. So I didn't bother much with that. And in case any ladies out there wants to know the pricing of Sephora products there -- slightly more expensive.

I love the streets opposite Siam Paragon the most during my time in Bangkok. I'm not sure if the stretch of streets has a name but it's along Pepper Lunch. That's the landmark I use to remember the place. They have what I want which is mostly cute tops and jewelry! :)

So sorry the picture, angle, and in fact the photo just looked wrong anyhows.

Day 2 - Friday

Chinatown! Jasper took most of the photos during the entire trips when he had nothing to look at so I haven't seen some of these photos until now. Hehe. First of all, the place is clean. Second of all, I bought quite a few (understatement) pairs of earrings. So I was a happy girl there. There wasn't much for a crowd while we were there so we were able to walk peacefully along the alleys. (much appreciated)

Hello Kitty Wonderland! 

I used to like Hello Kitty a lot. During my primary school days, when collecting stickers was the 'in' thing, I had like 3 sticker books loaded with Hello Kitty. So I guess this liking for HK is passed down to my niece and I was shopping for HK panties for her. 

Then we went to Union Mall. If I go back to Bangkok any time soon, this would be my go-to mall instead of Platinum. There's no crowd. The prices there are somewhat the same or cheaper than Platinum. And I can shop like I own the entire place. :P

Shopping... #nobodyblockmyway
Great mix for boys and girls! #nobodyblockmyway

Bagged the next OOTD you'll see from this shop. 

Dinner Time - Somboon Seafood

There's a couple of branches so be sure to check which is nearest for you when you take the cab. Love the seafood. Really affordable. This is their  BBQ Mixed Seafood. The cockles didn't taste good only because they only taste good if you boil them. But that's just my personal opinion. 

Curry Crab - It was kind of lukewarm when service so meh. 
Seafood Fried Rice - Shiok

Stir Fried Oyster - Meh

Watermelon & Coconut Ice Blend - Shiok

We left on Sunday. But we didn't take much photos afterwards since the gopro was dead and we were just really tired from all the walking. Surprisingly, I didn't buy as much as I thought I would tho~~~

Lil' catch-up

I'm pretty sure I haven't post this outfit on my blog before and right now I'm really just too lazy to look back to check on it. But nonetheless, I wanted to put it up just as a little reminder of those happy days. Not that I'm unhappy with my life now, I'm just a little exhausted. My new job has been fulfilling in a sense that I'm occupied with work and barely have time to go to the ladies. And the surprising thing is that I'm not dreading to go to work each day when I wake up early in the morning. Somehow I was able to look pass all the things that people weren't great about the place and make it better for myself to work in. Which, obviously makes it so much easier for me. 


Also, just a side track. I just came back from Bangkok and even though I'm always (sometimes) complaining about how expensive it is to live in Singapore and how I want to migrate, cheesy as it may be, I feel at home the moment I reach Changi Airport. So that explains a lot. 


Saturday, September 20, 2014

OOTD | Rollin' in Black

Hopefully this would be one of many outfit posts that I'd be doing in the future after this trip to Bangkok. I'll be posting a sum-up of what we did while we're there (soon, hopefully). My generic feeling about this trip is that it's awesome and I enjoyed myself the most eating the seafood and shopping at Union Mall. 

Which...brings me to this outfit. It's honestly a can't-go-wrong pairing if you ask me. Bought the high-slit dress, the hidden pineapple shorts and killer statement necklace from Union Mall. Love them~ I bought the boots to Bangkok because I want to. :P 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

OOTD | Classic Black

Okay, I've peace-out for way too long from my blog. Lately I've been bothered with the politics at my current workplace and how I try my best to not let those negative emotions affect my work. But of course, shit always gets in the way and affect me one way of another. I always try to perk myself up just by going for lunch with Jasper during the workdays, dress up a little to work (cuz you know it makes a difference to cheer you up) and ask Jasper nicely if we could go take some pictures. 

So while he's busy fixing those Tamiya cars I don't get except that they go real fast with a newly bought engine and fresh batteries, I'm sitting on the floor with him typing away... 

So while I was gone from ladyreveur, I went crazy for some nastygal shoes. (I was feeling stressed about work those few days, so of course I did some online retail therapy to perk me up.) This gold platform heels is one that made me go 'wooo' and then 'im not going wear this anywhere man'. But I still bought it. 

As some of you may/may not know, I'm more of a gold person. I used to never mix silver and gold accessories together in an outfit. But there's always gonna be exception as time pass, and as my personal style evolves. These days I kind of just go with my mood and how the accessories could make the outfit stand out. 

I always thought black and gold is the perfect pairing but I was surprised by myself I tried matching my silver pieces with the outfit.