Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life #3

School's out! And even though I still have exams to worry about, I can't help but to have a lighter heart when I think about what to do tomorrow. I think life is filled with choices and every decisions you make affect your life in one way or another. As I phase out from school life and think about my future. I do find it unsettling. I'm not sure about you but I have so many things I wanna do and more often than not, I tell myself not to be fickle and just go with my guts. But of course, it's always easier said than done. 

I guess I'm always struggling between doing the conventional way - get a proper job and starting earning money or my way - do what I love. I definitely want the best of both worlds like Miley Cyrus (haha) but how many of us can actually do that? Or how many actually attempts to pursue it? 

This all seems like it's coming from nowhere but it's a struggle every time I think of what I want to do and achieve in my life. I'm not competitive but I try my best in everything I do. Doing the things I love doesn't necessarily earn much but happiness and satisfaction is what I look for. Making the first step seems so tempting and so intimidating at the same time. I want to just-do-it, but I'm not a go-getter. Or maybe I am and I could. 

So what's stopping me? I don't know. 
Perhaps I need a push. I need my own reassurance that even if I failed, at least I tried. 

Somehow this is getting a lil depressing. 
Here's a few shots my personal photographer aka Jasper took for me yesterday! 

Hair Routine & Products Used

Having dyed my hair to a gorgeous (wahaha) sunkissed brown, straight hair just doesn't cut it anymore. My hair looks flat and pretty unflattering without any styling. So I came up with a tedious (but not so when you see the results) hair routine. I say tedious cause I know it really can be quite tedious for those who lack patience. But I honestly think it's really a couple of quick prepping steps and you're good to go. 

These days when you see my photos on Instagram, I pretty much have wavy hair all the time and that's Day 2 curls. I slept with a head of clean hair and fresh locks. Surprise! I do that because curling my hair can take quite long and if I were to do it in the morning, I know I'll have to beg for time. So I prefer doing the prepping beforehand. 

Okay, enough of explaining. 
Here's what I use... 

I spam this as my hair moisturizer while my hair is still wet. 

1. Smoothing Detangler 
2. Heat Protection Mist 
3. Sea Salt Texturising Spray 

The name of these products pretty much speaks for themselves. I use them because I need them. The detangler is a liquid formula, almost like water but a little sticky. I apply it after my hair moisturizer. 

Tighter curls to sleep in with. 
(oops it looked so filtered here)

After my hair is completely dry, I'd spritz the heat protection mist. Let it settle for awhile before I start to curl my hair. While I curl them, I try to make the curls as curly as possible. Because overnight, the curls will loosen and become waves! 

Now onto Second Day hair... 

Curls starting to loosen thoughout the day. 

Usually I'll leave the curls as it is but if I'm not happy with it, I'd use the texturizing spray to create volume. 

And of course at the end of the day, I will give my hair a good scrub and conditioning to rid all the products I used on my hair! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lookbook | Blindside

Somehow Spotify isn't serving me good today. Changing the playlists doesn't really seem to make the music more appealing. I know, I could just search the songs that I want to hear and play it. But I just like that little element of surprise I guess. 

Anyways, not long ago Wei Qin (my secondary school friend) asked me out to take some photos for his portfolio. I figured since I'm still bumming around at home, might as well get out and do something productive. So that's what we did, went out and take pictures. The place were infested with mosquitoes, I had like 12 bumps after like 2 hours. 

The pictures turned out pretty well tho. 


Side Note: 

My happy mood hasn't been back for awhile. I wonder where it has gone to. And lately, I think it went further away from me than I realized. 

Photographed by Wei Qin

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vast Hair | Hair Makeover

We had a hair makeover!

Adeline and I were given this great opportunity (thanks to Douglas) to be sponsored by Vast Hair for a hair sponsorship! Needless to say, we were so excited and had been looking through pictures for our desired hair color. We were at the salon for about 4-5 hours and it was honestly quite an interesting exchange with our hairstylists. They were really funny. At least for the two girls who are in the early twenties. We had a great laugh hearing them talk about the girls they met before when they were our age.

But beyond all the chit chat, we really appreciate the amount of effort and work they spent on our heads in order to achieve the results we wanted. They were really meticulous and detailed when it comes to cutting, washing, drying and dyeing our hair especially. 

As you can see, Adeline is Ms. Redhead (possibly forever now) and I'm Ms Brown (also possibly forever). 

- Lydia -

Before                                                                  After

I had previously diy my hair to a really dark color and it has faded quite unpleasantly. It's actually quite painful to look at right now. (oops) My hairstylist had to do a pre-lightening before dyeing the color I wanted just so that it'll turn out better. I wanted a color that's requires less maintenance such that when my roots started to grow, it would be sort of like a gradient effect from top down. So you could see hints of dark brown... 

This is after pre-lightening my hair. He kept emphasizing this is only 30% of how it'll eventually look like. Maybe because he thought I might get anxious after seeing this. But I just felt that my hair was in good hands, so I just went along with it. :)

- Adeline -

Before                                                                  After

Adeline have always wanted that perfect violet red and I think she got it. Like finally~! She's really fair and I think the dark red color really compliments her skin. 

Trust me, it's not as crazy (or shag) as it looks. Her hair was teased for a softer gradient effect.

The blues you see here are dark reds. :) 

- Vast Hair -

The two hairstylists that did our hair were really amazing and dedicated to their craft. (plus they're real friendly to Ade and I) So do check them out on their Facebook (click on it!)

- Address -

Blk 433 Clementi Ave 3 #01-258 S120433 

- Made An Appointment -

6779 6266

Sunday, July 13, 2014

OOTD | black & white

Pardon me for being away for some time. Had a lot going on the past two weeks, felt like I needed a break from taking pictures and basically from doing anything. So I guess I'm slowly easing back to it with a simple monochrome outfit. Also, I've been feeling uninspired to dress up lately. Probably because I've got my mind on trying to get a proper job. Which is as boring as it sounds. 

I have this really bad habit of continuously  editing my post even after I published it. Like I'm constantly updating y'all. 

So while I'm at it... I went to meet up my uni friends at Adeline's place. Sort of like a reunion date. We haven't met altogether for about 5 months? Felt good to catch up and have a great laugh over stupid things. But other than that, it's either that African alcoholic drink Andy bought was hardcore or I just couldn't handle alcohol that well anymore. My stomach was burning after drinking it. And let's just leave it at that. 

Watch Dawn of The Planet of The Apes! Jasper introduced the movie to me. Watched the first, love it. Had to watch the second. It was so good. The facial expressions were so convincing! You guys should check out the behind the scenes on YouTube and see how they make the movie. I only wished James Franco was in it even if it's cameo. 

"Caesar is home."

Hopefully I'll feel less stressed up about it and blog more! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

STYLEXBONIA | Bonia's 40th Anniversary

It's Bonia's 40th Birthday!

It was such a pleasure to be invited by Sharon Au and StylexStyle to be part of the celebration. It was quite an experience to be part of the video shoot and also to meet all these fashionistas! The thing I love about going to events is that I get to meet bloggers and instagramers that I've been following and of course, take lots of picture. :D 

Also, Sonia Sui and many other local celebrities were there. She looked so gorgeous and graceful. Michelle Chong was really friendly to us. Sharon Au was uber beautiful and friendly as always!

@awfullyamanda, me, @christyfrisbee, @liewclara
(check them out!)
Met these amazing people while shooting the Bonia video. Our faces are telling you - SWAG LA

Christy and I met through Vanity Trove and I guess we kinda expect each other to be at the events we're going. Sending texts and exchanging photos on Whatsapp has become a 'thing' between us. Am always glad to see her around, swagging it out together. 

I started blogging and being more active on social media platforms when these two darlings left for exchange programs. Over time, I had the opportunity to attend different events and wished they could come along. So when they're finally back, I'm like, 'Please come... Make time..." 

Taken while we're still figuring out the lighting. But I guess it turned out quite well. (natural filter)

@elephantbabeh & @adelineeefooo

With Jasper and his awkward-turtle face. :) 

Lastly, to end this post with our typical poly-days face and attempted swag face. Girls, we need to work on that. But it's amazing our friendship remains the same when all else changes (like the number tagged to us). I love you bitches!