Monday, June 30, 2014

Lookbook | Le Boyfriend Jeans

Quick Errand Saturday

I had a quick street shoot with for an ootd feature and Dennis, the photographer was so friendly. It probably took us less than 5 minutes to finish taking photos which was awesome cuz the heat was killer. 

I have this obsession with big hair. For someone one like me who dresses for practicality, a big sassy hair can change up the look dramatically. I could be wearing the same old wardrobe essentials but with different hairstyles, it gives a slightly different vibe to the look. 

Quite a few people have ask me how I get this voluminous hair and it's really simple. 

1. Apply hair moisturizer. 
2. Blow dry my hair with a hair dryer (with diffuser attached) 
    It helps spread the heat evenly and gives slight volume as you swirl the hair into the diffuser.
3. Split hair in hair. Use curling wand to curl my hair. 

Top: styledasher
Jeans: F21

Friday, June 27, 2014



In between those shots, I'm like...

Bag: Coach

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lookbook | Camwhore Couple

Yeah! We finally took time to bring the tripod out to take photos TOGETHER! It has honestly been too long since we head out somewhere with the sole intention to take OOTD together. Nowadays it's been me with my seemingly nonchalant pose and Jasper behind the phone, snapping pictures away for me. I really do feel bad even though he always reassures me that it's okay. 

Anyways, this happened after my brunch with KLARITY. Events like that are always great. I get to meet new people and also chat up with friends who went to the event as well. 

Despite the damned weather and sweating buckets, I think we did pretty good. Of course, he'd be prepping the camera and I'd be standing there waiting for him to join me to take the shot. 

All the photos are taken in the Bugis area. 

 He knows how to pose well. He even demo-ed and said, "that's how those bloggers did it!" 

Today was really a bad hair day...


Okay, here's a little story of this 'creepy' place we used as the backdrop. 

While we were driving pass, I was like, "hey! that's a nice spot to take pictures! the bricks so nice~" So we got off the car, set the tripod and all. Then Jasper looked into the camera and said it looked kind of creepy. Which yeah, it had that creepy feeling. So I told him let's not smile or be cool with it and blend into the mood. So that's our theme for the shots. (as if we're doing a professional photoshoot. but always grateful he's always so accomodating.)

Title went from Lookbook | OOTD Couple -> Miss Doing This -> Camwhore Couple


I'll be uploading my individual camwhore moment in the next one! 

Okay bye! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Feature | IPrice Singapore

Hey Peeps! Today's post is going to be a lil' different from the usual lookbooks and infrequent catch-ups. I want to share with you goodies out there on this awesome website called If you love online shopping, you're gonna love this website as well!

So if you're interested about say, discount codes... online vouchers... read on... 

I'm sure these brands are no strangers to you because they are no stranger to me! I love online shopping as much as I love shopping at the mall physically. (girls gotta do what they do best!) I mean who doesn't love a good online shopping spree especially when discount codes/vouchers are readily available! That's where comes in!

What is 
*in my own layman terms :)

The website basically enhances your online shopping experience by making discount codes readily available to you. It saves time for go-getters who wants easy access to attractive coupon codes. They have on-going discount codes for various brands that are just a click away from you!
(i sound so commercial right here but you know what I mean.)

Why the feature? 

First off, when I see ZALORA and, I'm half sold. My sister is a crazy fan of ZALORA, she has a package delivered like twice a week? And I'm no exception. :) So when there's discount codes, me and my sister be like, "erm hello? yes? you calling?"

Secondly, I'm all about snap-snap, give me what I want, buy and go. The website gives me convenience to my go-to brands such as Mango and River Island. Besides have coupons, they have another section where you can shop your favorites brands within a website. No more Alt-Tabbing between different websites - SOLD

*snippets to pique your interest

That's about it for this feature! 

Show some love! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Thoughts | Ratio Gone Wrong

I feel like I need to have a disclaimer right at the start. If you're uncomfortable with this issue, I suggest you look away. I just wanted to express my thoughts on this matter the way I see it. You may or may not agree with the things I said and that's great. It proves that you have a mind of your own. 
Being out and about today, I have a sudden urge to talk about the fact that the ratio of Singaporeans and Foreigners has gone wrong. I guess I might have an increasing distaste for this, let's call it "the phenomena". Why do I say the ratio is wrong? 

Here's a few (just a few) examples based on my own experience. 

1. I walked into the lift, and I could be surrounded by non-Singaporeans. It's probably like 1 of me and 10 of them. 


I feel completely overwhelmed. For that trip down to level 1, I felt like I was in China? Just not Singapore. Not home. Not really. I get that we've lost of culture a long time ago. When people ask Singaporeans about our culture, besides the food we have, we're probably just left with Singlish. Which, is really weak and lame. I don't appreciate Singlish as my identifier being a Singaporean.

2. Those train rides. 


Once again, I feel overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate/dislike/whatever you might think this is. I guess I'm just somewhat pissed that policymakers failed to really put themselves in our shoes and feel what we felt - I could be at a local hawker and it doesn't seem that local to me at all. It's honestly quite sad. 

3. That feeling of being surrounded and being in a foreign country despite being in what's supposed to be called my home extends to wherever you could think of. 


Constantly reminded that I'm perhaps the foreigner in the situation. And that makes me feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Like, "what the fuck?" 

I unknowingly picked up conversations with those around me asking them if they felt the same way as I did. If they felt like they were the foreigners instead because I felt that way. Once again, sad but true. (for me at least)

I know nothing will change even if I said my piece but I guess there's always hope. (or not)

Yeah, and I know, they are here for good purpose and boost the Singapore economy, ya dah... ya dah... If you still think that I'm pinpointing all these out as their fault, you're not getting my point and you've just wasted your time. 

I'm just saying what the situation makes me feel.

Loobook | Burning Red

I've never been a button-up girl so I thought I might today for a movie date with Adele. Even though the sun was scorching, it was surprisingly bearable in my sleeved shirt and long pants. Also, I'm more of a short-shorts, short-skirts kinda girl so it is rare to see me in pants. (not that I like to categorize myself, but that just so happens to be the case.) 



Awesome Duo <3

I like our contrast in the the shots. She's going for the witch look and I guess I'm just color-blocking. 

Ending off with our seatbelt selfie. We haven't taken much photo these days...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

FHM Model Search 2014 Party

We were kindly invited by to an awesome beach party at Siloso Beach where the winner of the FHM Model Search 2014 was announced. Besides that, we were also shooting for their next styleXstyle OOTD TV campaign. 

The party was absolutely amazing. I met up with these fashion personalities whom I've been meaning to meet just because they have such a unique personal style and all-so-swag. And oh-my-god, I'm completely star-struck when Sharon Au came and directed us for the video shoot. All in all, it was such a great experience for me and I had a great time talking to other styleXstyle members. 

P.S. you realized the undeniable impact of digital media when you start identifying and greeting others with their account persona like, you are... cat-underscore-jiajia, ohnananaz~, honeyflowerr and so on... (and gosh, that was pretty embarrassing)

Taken when we just arrived...

Adele, my sweet pea for the day.

She's such a babe - @cat_jiajia

Video Shoot in process...

Christy cupping my face cuz I'm just a dear. :P

Mandatory Photo-taking session! 

The huge fan was just behind us, we had a hard time managing our hair. 

Us trying to be VS models but I fail. Oops. 

Adele looked so gorgeous here. That hair. 


That's all for now!