Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lookbook | Soft Grunge

Honestly, I wished I went more hardcore with the Grunge look. 
Perhaps a vampire purple lip color and a kickass sunglasses. 
But again, I'm all about practicality.
Love contradicting myself.

A little update for my absence: 

I believe it's probably two weeks since I blogged anything. Shortly after I blogged saying that these days been great, I guess I kind of jinx it myself. I started sending resume out because I need a job. Got called for interview and thereafter leading to on-job-training. I don't want to go through the specifics because I really want to put it behind it. So let's just say that, I wasn't suited for that job and in that short period of time, I learnt a lot about myself. I guess when something/a situation set you back, it makes you stronger when you make your next attempt. I'll post a post on my "reflection" about it real soon! 

"I realized Blind Faith isn't really my thing." 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Never Been Better

These days been great. 

Since I've finished my finals, it's eat-sleep-shop online and repeat. And I love it! I kinda see this period as a time off before I'm employed and all this free time would be gone. But at the same time, I'm excited about work life and that's if I managed to find a job that I fall in love with. 

Today is a lil errands day. Jasper and I went to JEM to get my mum's birthday present. And of course I had to window shop a lil as well. Marc By Marc Jacob at Sephora is so tempting. I tried some of their products and their quality is so good! Definitely going back to get some soon! Other than that, we headed to my sister's place for my nephew's 6th birthday. 

Oh how time flies~~


Obviously I've been obsessed with the STYLEDASHER TOP I bought not too long ago. It's really comfortable and just goes with my wardrobe essentials. So I'm obsessed. Ever so easily once again. 

Till next time! 

*Photos taken with Iphone 5s

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lookbook | Screaming Me

The title kind of says it all. THIS is my personal style. I wear my boots as much as I can whenever I head out and that's mainly because they give an edgy good-girl-gone-bad vibe to the entire outfit. I tend to go for a minimalist look so rocking a pair of boots definitely makes the look a little less boring!

Skort: Gmarket

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Galaxy Wanderlust | Uniquely You Campaign

I was invited by Modcloth to participate in their Uniquely You campaign by creating a fashion storyboard - The whole idea is to create an outfit that represents your personal style. And here's the twist, a clothing item is selected and the outfit have to be built based on that.

The apparel that is given is the cool "The Way I Galaxy It" Dress. The print on the dress is a resemblance of the galaxy and it's so pretty! When I see it, I knew it's definitely an outfit for a casual night out or a date night!

Keep reading if you wanna know how I style this dress! 

Let's start with my little story behind this look...

My personal style is all about being practical and chic. Obviously I want the dress to be the highlight of the entire outfit so I kept the rest of the ensemble minimal. The items I picked to go along with the dress are pretty much the essentials I'll bring along for day-to-day errands.

Watch is a must for me, I like being on time. I love sunglasses, they always give that sassiness to any outfit. And needless to say since Singapore is so darn hot and sunny these days, you had to have a pair in your purse.

The Jeffrey Campbell heels is what I dreamed of having in my shoe collection and since I don't, might as well fake it till I make it. (shh...)

The necklace and satchel are items I thought would give the entire outfit more interest and make the dress stand out.


Products mentioned: 

The Way I Galaxy It Dress
Undisputed Class Watch in Gold
Hollywood Thrills Sunglasses
Jeffrey Campbell Blogger Spotlight Heel
Sweetest Speaker Necklace
Buckle Up Satchel

*all items can be found on


P.S. It's my first time creating a storyboard so I hope you like it tho. :P
Shoutout to Amy: Thanks for inviting and the reminder! Haha.