Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back To Black

Since I dyed my hair black, I've been crazy obsessed with styling and curling it. It's been awhile since I had black hair and it wasn't even my intention to dye it black in the first place. But nonetheless, when life puts you through darkness, you just gotta suck it up and deal with it. Literally dark. When I saw my hair turned into jet black, I was like, "okay, next week confirm dyeing back to brown." Haha. I have to admit that I'm fickle-minded and being out of my comfort zone isn't my comfort zone. 😁 

But back to the fact that I'm black now, yeah, obsessed with styling. My hair is incredibly thin and flat. But I like that big, messy, wavy and I-don't-really-care-but-I-do kind of hair. So recently I've been buying texturizing sprays to help me get that look. 

I'll be doing a video tutorial on how I get the textured messy hair look, hopefully during mid-May. Will put it up here once that's done. 

But here's just some pictures where I styled my hair using the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. It's really good stuff! 

I know.. It's really just my selfies but it's where you can check on my hair too! Haha! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Contour 101 | Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Previously I wrote a blog post (here) on how I was (and still am) obsessed with contouring and the look that I created along with it was rather fancy. It was more for a fancy date or a girls' night out look. Dramatic eyes... Red lips... You get me... 

So, I wanted to do sort of a pictorial on How I Contour My Face On A Daily Basis

Contouring helps to subtly reshape your face, making it look more defined and bringing out the features of your face. 

I hope the gif image will give you a better idea of how I do it! :)

Start from slightly below your cheekbones. Feel the contour of your cheekbones and the contour area should end at about 3/4  towards the corner of your mouth.

3 areas for contouring:

*Take note that when you contour your forehead, you want to bring down your forehead so blend along the hair line and stay away from your brows.

Here's a Before & After. 
Slimmer maybe?

Thanks for the read! <3

Friday, April 11, 2014

Review | MAC Fix+

I know MAC FIx+ has been around for the longest time and many of you out there have probably tried-and-tested this product. I wanted to give my point of view on it in a way helpful for those of you out there who are just beginning with makeup. It's truly overwhelming to walk into Sephora or MAC stores just to look at what's available out there and what you would possibly need. 

I remember when I just started to get really interested with makeup techniques and products, I was pretty clueless and relied on tons of Youtube videos and going through reviews on I would give the same reply whenever my girlfriends ask me if a product is good, "If you're really interested in the product and think you'll like it, go try it. Different people have different skin types and preferences." I guess my "go try it" philosophy is what makes me a makeup junkie. I LOVE trying new products. :D 

I'll be keeping this review as short and as essential as I can, like always. 
This is based solely on my experiences with MAC Fix+. 

What does it do? 

1. It sets the makeup really well.

Let's face it. There are times we just kept piling on foundation until it looked way too cakey for anyone to see. MAC Fix+ is a great remedy for times like that. It blends the makeup really well, soften the look and gives you a dewy look instead. 

2. Makeup lasts longer 

If your makeup tends to wear out throughout the day, spritz this all over your face before putting on makeup. It will give you the perfect canvas to work on and makeup would stay on much longer. 

Does it break me out? 

I've had this for more than 6 months now, if it'd break me out, I would know. And no, it doesn't. 

I firmly believe that the main culprit for breakouts after application of makeup is improper makeup removal. Which means, you didn't clean off everything even though you think you did. Being diligent with skincare is also part of looking picture-perfect. :) 

Would I repurchase? 

No. But not because it isn't good or I didn't like it. I do. 
But I've always wanted to try the Urban Decay setting sprays so if I ever do run out of this, I would most probably try something else. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Obsession with Wraps

This is by far my favorite outfit of the day shot. Or have I said this before? But anyways, if you haven't noticed, I love the variaty I have in the bottoms section of my wardrobe. I definitely prefer shopping for skirts and shorts more than for tops. 

As always, there's always that bit of edginess in my style. Be it the boots or a red lip combo. I feel like it really translates my personality - feminine & independent.