Monday, March 31, 2014

All Hail | Midi for the 90s

Minimalist | Less is More

This is a really simple outfit with minimal makeup and accessories. It's a subtle outfit pairing that somehow leaning towards vintage. This is probably my favorite out of all the outfit pairings I've done in the past just because the look is really effortless chic. I love the natural look with a pop of coral on the lips! 

Top: Bangkok
Midi Skirt: The Tinsel Rack
Shoe: Aldo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Face Of The Day | Natural Smokey Eye

It's been awhile since I did a feature on my makeup look and it's been red lips and heavy smokey eyes all day every day. So I did a natural look today and thought yeah! I finally have something different to show you gals! 

I've never really mention why or how I started this blog and with such a cool face above, MAYBE this is a good time to share a little today. :D

Why LadyReveur?

It started with the word 'dreamer'. The moment I decided to start this blog, I knew I wanted to have this word to represent it. I've been dreaming to be a makeup artist since I got REALLY interested in makeup and skincare maybe two years ago? 'Reveur' meant 'Dreamer' in French and LadyReveur is a way I see myself owning it and being in a space doing what I love. 

What it meant?

This blog is meant to be creative and free. Expressing myself and who I am. So my writing tends to be somewhat conversational and casual. Less formality and teeny bit of sarcasm (if you get it). This blog gives me the freedom to do what I love and at the same time, the confidence I need to pursue my dreams. 


Back to the makeup! 

Products Used: 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 4.0
ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium Dark
Urban Decay NAKED Palette
Daisoda Eyeliner
Benefit They're Real Mascara 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick in Perpetual Flame

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OOTD | Obsession With My Boots

I've always wanted to shake things up with my outfits like mixing prints or going grunge. And as I was thinking and feeling for inspiration for this outfit, that was kind of my agenda. I started off with my skater skirt, mix and matching the different tops that could go with it. And because it's a monochrome skater skirt, it went well with most tops that I have. (since they're mostly basics) But I ended up pairing it with my subtle leopard print top from Mango and I'm so happy with it! 

This pair of boots has been my go-to shoes right now so pardon me if you see this in most of my outfit pictures on Instagram. They're really comfortable and I'm dying to get another pair of boots soon! 

I haven't been out and about lately so whenever I get a chance to put on makeup and head out, taking a #selfie is a must! :P

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simple Guide to Eyebrows

The most important thing is to know your face shape and the type of eyebrows that is suitable for you. Similar to contouring and highlighting, shaping your brows can often subtly restructure your face, soften or define your features. 

For ladies with a long/narrow face, I personally would prefer the straight brows that many Korean actresses are trending. It is able to shorten the long face structure and balance out the frame of your face. If you prefer straight brows regardless of your face shape and consider it as a fashion statement, you're likely to look as if you have a broader face in most cases.  

For ladies with a diamond/oval/heart shaped face, it wouldn't hurt to slightly arch your eyebrows to soften your features, and balance the slightly wide cheekbones. Again, it restructures your face and gives definition to your entire makeup look.

My face shape is somewhat a mix of oval and diamond shape. My face is widest at my cheek and my chin is a V shape. I personally like strong and defined eyebrows and arched according to my natural brow shape. 

So here's a quick post on my daily routine for my brows. I'll be listing down what I do for each picture just to give you a brief idea. Plus, it's really simple.

1. That's my natural brow, sparse at the ends. I always prime my brows with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The brow powder will be able to stay on much longer and also much easier to apply on. 

2. My brow powder is highly pigmented so I like to outline the shape that I want. Know where you want your arch to be and outline it aswell.

3. Fill in the rest of your brows. Now the brows looked really unnatural with the straight outlines. You want to soften it by using a brow wand. 

4. I like to lengthen the inner part of my brow to subtly bring my face towards the centre, creating an illusion of narrower face. I love thick brows so I always define my arch and lengthen the end as well!! 


Hope this is helpful for ladies out there!!! 

P.S. Practice always makes perfect!  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thoughts on NAKED 1 & NAKED 2

I haven't talked much about makeup products so I thought I might share with you my thoughts on these two beautiful palette. NAKED was gifted to me by my boyfriend last Christmas and NAKED 2 was gifted to me from my cousin for my 21st birthday. Which means to say, I had NAKED 2 for a year now and NAKED for around 3 months. 

I guess many UD fanatics out there have mixed reviews on these two palettes and that's only because everyone has different preferences for eyeshadow colors. We all have difference skin tone, some may have cooler skin tones and some, like me, have warmer skin tones. 

Let me just say this before I go on to talk about the palettes separately. Even though I had NAKED 2 for a longer period of time, I find myself reaching out for NAKED more often than not. 

This palette provides an array of colors that is very versatile for most skin tones. For beginners trying out with eyeshadows, it is easy to spot which colors are for bases and which are for definition at the outer corners. I like how it has a variety of shades for the base color such as Half Baked (classic gold), Smog (Bronze) and Toasted (Rosy shade).

Every eyeshadow palette needs to have a great transitioning color to blend out a smokey eye. 'Naked' is great for ladies with cooler skin tone and 'Buck' is really complimenting on ladies with warmer skin tone. 

Personally, I'll prefer the NAKED palette. It has all the colors I need for a classic smokey eye. And also because I have a warmer skin tone, I find this palette more suitable in terms of color payoff on my eyelids. The only downside is that their highlighting colors are too shimmery, especially for the brow bones.

The shades in this palette are slightly cooler and neutral. I didn't reach out for this palette as much mainly because of the base colors that were too greyish for my liking. For example, Pistol (which is a grey tone) and Verve (which has a silver undertone). Tease was too pink for a transitioning color as well. 

But, I really love 'Foxy' as a highlighting color. It's matte and it compliments my slightly tanned skin. I also love 'Snakebite', it's a gorgeous shimmery brown shade which is great for creating depth on the outer corners. I usually go for dark sultry smokey eyes so it's no surprise my favorite shades are 'Busted' and 'Blackout'. (last two shades on the palette)


I honestly think that these two palette has its pros and cons and it really depends what type of colors you're used to working with for a natural or smokey eye look. I find NAKED more versatile to create different types of smokey eyes whilst the shades in NAKED 2 doesn't compliment my skin tone as much. In my opinion, NAKED 2 is more suitable for ladies with a lighter skin tone so that the cooler shades could stand out. 

*Please bare in mind that I'm comparing them based on my preference for the shades. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Date Night Outfit | Comfy Casual

If I have to describe my personal style, I would say feminine, casual chic and sometimes with an edge.
My personal style is very much inspired by Jessica Alba. She's my number one style icon! As much as I love all her red carpet looks, I'm a big fan of her street style. I love how she keeps her wardrobe pairings interesting with her signature scarfs, biker jacket and blazer. 

I've worn this outfit (minus the blazer) for a couple of times, mostly to casual settings. It's a slouchy and 'sleepy' outfit on its own. So I decided to amp things up with my trusty oversized blazed and black stilettos! And of course, with some gold details! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

OOTD | Calm Leopard

This dress is a sweet impulse. I've only worn it a couple of times and I'm still loving it. It's a really timeless dress and I think anyone can pull it off. The belt is definitely my essential for this dress. Gives you shape and accentuates your curves. (plus the weather is unforgiving, so the chiffon makes it easy breezy) 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Go-To Products | Hair Care & Fragrances

Let's talk about some non-makeup products today!

Hair Care

I curl my hair with a curling wand frequently and that's pretty damaging for my hair. So I make sure I have a couple of hair products which can help prevent my hair from being dry and brittle. 

1. SILKPRO Revival Hair Serum 
I've used this for the longest time and have so much love for it. It makes frizzy hair more manageable and replenish any moisture that was stripped away by shampoos and heating tools. It's a little greasy, so I use this only when I'm going to bed and I'll get really shiny hair the next day.

2. Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream 
This is my day time hair moisturizer. Apply this on your hair when its semi-dry, be generous with the amount and you get smooth and voluminous hair the whole day! *I hate combing my hair so this really helps to keep it tamed! 

3. Lucido-L Hair Foam | Spring Curl  
These two are my curl setting products. They hold up the curls throughout the day and the curls looked really natural. I'm all for natural wavy (messy) curls so it's great to have products that doesn't fix your hair like it's super glue. 


1. Anna Sui | Flight of Fancy
My holy grail scent. I'm really bad with describing scents. But if you prefer light floral scents, this might be worth a sniff at Sephora. Haha. 

2. Victoria's Secret | Bombshell & Pure Seduction
Alright, here's something you can compare with Flight of Fancy. I'm sure VS body mists are no stranger to you. Pure Seduction has a sweet floral scent. Bombshell is more neutral scent to me and less feminine. 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

OOTD | Busy Week

It's been pretty hectic for us this past week with me getting adjusted for school and Jasper having his work week per se. And I know, what's there to be adjusted for school? Since I've been on my holiday, which lasted for two months, I've been waking up after 3pm almost everyday. So getting back to the usual 7.30am is a freaking big challenge for me. :P

That being said, we went out yesterday for a hot and sunny date. (Man, that was tiring) The sun and heat was just relentless. 

Here's a blurry ootd. The filter blurred out my face. Yay? 
Did a smokey eye cuz I've been out of practice. Surprised at how well it turns out. 
Go lorac!

Creeper Alert.

Product Feature | Benefit They're Real Mascara

Here's a little product feature of the Benefit They're Real Mascara. I've heard and seen so many rave reviews about it that I just had to go get one and try it myself. This post is really just a 'creative shot' of the product. 

I had been caught-up with my school work (report due one week later.) that I had no time for my blog. (which really bugs me) I have to prioritize my assignments. Hence, blog updates may not be as frequent as I want it. 

But anyways, I used it today for my eyelashes, and I have to say I liked it so far. It doesn't smudge and definitely gave me volume and length. Jasper looked closer and asked if it's fake lashes. (woo.) I'll have to get more use out of it for a worthy two cents opinion though.