Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life #1 | Music

I guess part of me starting this blog is my desire to share the things I love with anyone who came across my blog. It's a channel for me to voice out my inner thoughts. Having this platform gives me freedom. It gave me the freedom to be expressive and (maybe) learn something new about myself.

I didn't want my blog to be all about what I'm wearing (and the countless selfies I take of myself). I want it to represent myself in other forms such as music. I want the people reading my blog to know the different side of me. 

So, Life is going to be me taking a moment to share with you my life (duh) in various ways. It could be ramblings, my opinion about something or my love for a certain music (like now, soon, going to).


I would say I'm not very adventurous when it comes to exploring different types of music. I'm definitely pretty mainstream, half-part indie (aka independent music) and most part listen to whatever pleases my ears. 

My playlist is always changing (not that I make an effort to update my itunes library).
But here's my Top 5 Song FOR NOW.

Give me 15 minutes of your time. Have an open heart. 

1. I Really Want It - A Great Big World

2. Shot At The Night - The Killers

3. Laura Palmer - Bastille

4. Runaways - The Killers  

5.Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran (All Time Favorite) 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Skater Skirt

Alright, so here's my version of Skater Skirt. I never thought I could rock a leather skater skirt with chunky Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (fanatics, you know what I'm talking about) So I went looking for other options for a skater skirt. Different materials and prints of any apparels bring out different personalities of that fashion trend. So, instead of leather, I opted for a softer look per se with my skater skirt. 

Since I wasn't so sure if skater skirt is really my style or represents my personality, I wasn't going to spend my money on an expensive piece YET, so I went to the good old Bugis Street to look for an affordable piece. 

I'm pretty surprised with how this outfit came together. I've been hooked on Pinterest lately, getting my inspiration from there. I think denim shirts are so versatile and it goes well with almost anything. I'm in love with this outfit just because it kind of represent how I dress most of the time. As much as I adore my boyfriend jeans and flanel shirts, I like to dress up girly sometimes.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hooked on Vintage

Recently I've been eyeing lots of basic shirts and vintage tees. I think they bring an edge to the entire outfit and the rock-n-roll style really catches my eye. I wouldn't say I'm a dare devil in experimenting new fashion trends but this, I'm confident in pulling off just because of my 'neutral' face. 

As you can tell, I'm in love with my denim jacket and I've been looking for inspiration to wear it differently. I wanted a simple and laid-back look so I have minimal accessories and natural makeup. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Usual Getup

As much as I want to dress up everyday, experimenting with different styles, it can be slightly impractical to do so. 

Reason being: 

1. The weather. It is so unpredictable these days and you never know when you've dressed up inappropriately for it. Today, for instance, the sun was relentless and yet the breeze makes you feel like it's going to rain anytime. 

2. Lack of fancy places to go. I love dressing up for date nights or girls' night out. But honestly, most days I'm just slacking at home or running errands in the neighbourhood malls.

3. Plain laziness. How can I not admit to that? Sometimes even waking up seems like a chore to me. 


BUT NONETHELESS. here's my usual get-up. It's usually my shorts, a slightly less boring top and my cover-up (which is a must for me). 

Everyday Makeup: 

'Natural' Looking Skin - Urban Decay Naked Foundation
Defined Brows
Red Lips - Red Carpet, Bobbi Brown
Soft Smokey Eye - Lorac Pro Palette

P.S. I recently trimmed off my fizzy ends. Totally loving the neat cut. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Denim Jacket

I've been looking for the right denim jacket for a really long time. I wanted one that is washed-out and casual for everyday outfit. I feel cold really easily throughout the day, so I always bring a cover-up with me, be it a pullover, cardigan or casual blazer. 

This denim jacket is perfect for me. It's slightly over-sized and the color is how I imagined my denim to be. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to style it, but today I felt like accessorizing so I had my gold details put together for this look. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Calling each other best friend may seemed cliche but you know one when you met one. There's much to brag about for having someone by your side for the past 10 years, being there for each other all along, being supportive and giving. 

I'm never a believer of hi-bye friends. I believe in making time and effort to make long-lasting friendships since they're so hard to come by. Everyone that you met enter your life for a reason. At least that's how I'll like to believe. Some makes you think that you're not good enough. Some makes you reflect and think about the person you hope to be. Some just reminds you not to be like them. 

She makes me feel that we should be constantly improve ourselves, work hard for what we want in life and to keep trying no matter.


To celebrate my 22nd birthday (sadness so old), we went for brunch in the neighborhood and head to town because she wanted to spend her 21st birthday vouchers. (sighs for january babies)

Monday, January 13, 2014

OOTD | Birthday Dinner w Girlfriends

Photo taken with iPhone 5

Everyone's style is different and it's up to you if you only wear your apparels once and chuck it to one side (like a fashionista) or you constantly style a top/bottom differently each time you decide to wear it (like me). So you shouldn't be surprise if you see repetitive pieces in my outfit posts. 

I was feeling for comfort and casual so I decided to go with a slack blazer and a high-waisted skirt. I've noticed that girls on Instagram tend to style this skirt with cropped tops but I wasn't really feeling it so I went with my usual spaghetti top. I definitely lost shape with this outfit but like I said I was feeling kinda slack-ish today. 


I met my girls for an early birthday dinner because both of them are flying off for their school exchange soon and I doubt we'll have time to meet again before they fly off. It was just like the good old times and I'll be missing it for the next few months.

While having dinner, I could really feel it in me that I was gonna miss them really bad while they were gone for several months. I know there's all the social networking channels that we could use to keep in contact but there's just something about knowing that the person would be physically beside you if you want them to that gets me. But nonetheless, I'm excited for their exchange. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review | Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation


I'm a sucker for liquid foundations. Pressed powders doesn't provide the coverage I want and smacking tons of concealers on my pigmented spots didn't seem wise as well. I'm always on a lookout for new foundations, checking out reviews on them, watching youtube videos on demo and first impressions. (if you frequent Youtube as much as I do for beauty-related stuff, you know what's all this)

I never buy my foundations (or any other cosmetic products for that matter) on impulse. Especially products that require your skin compatibility in order for it to work on your face. By that, I mean your skin type, whether you're combination, dry or oily. So, I always do my research before getting the stuff I want; what exactly am I looking for? did this stuff work on others with similar skin complexion as mine? 

I was previously on a ban for liquid foundations for an extended period last year because I had more than I need. (at one point, I think I have 5 on my dresser. it was bad.) I was determined to finish whatever I have before going into Sephora to get more. When I finally ran out of almost all of it, I went to get the Lancome Teint Visionnaire, and a month later, Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation. 

Let's get down to business. 

I really think I'm a pro at buying liquid foundations For Myself. These days I just eye-ball my shade by holding the different bottles up and know which is good for me. (not bragging) But of course, I'll double check it by googling before I swipe my money away into the bottomless pit. 

My shade is 4.0. I'm NC30-35 in MAC. (getting the right shade means half the battle won) 

To make this review useful, I'm going to talk about these 4 qualities that's always in my mind when I purchase foundations.

1. Longevity
I've worn this foundation from 1pm to 9pm today, a good 8 hours. It still looked good and intact except for a shiny T-zone which is normal because I have oily skin. It doesn't turned out patchy after a few hours of wear like other foundation which is a great PLUS POINT. Do note that I did set it with some pressed powder before I head out. 

This is me at around 8pm today. 
Definitely getting oily but I think the foundation looked natural.
Taken with Iphone 5

2. Coverage
Definitely light to medium coverage. Imperfections would peek through if you have hyperpigmentations or acne scarrings. Even though I wouldn't recommend layering foundations to get a better coverage, this foundation doesn't seem cakey when you do so. (awesome or what?) I didn't think it was big of a deal that it's not full coverage because that's what concealers are for. So medium is good in my opinion.

Hand Model: Jasper
Evens skin tone
Blurs fine lines and imperfections

3. Finish 
I would say a semi-matte and a little satin finish. It's natural-looking and feels very light on your skin. Also, after application, it doesn't feel sticky or tacky. 

4. Consistency
It has a thin consistency. Glides really well on the skin and blends easily into the skin. 

I really love this foundation, it looks natural and almost gave a healthy glow. I've been wearing it for the past few weeks, it's great. It doesn't crease or look patchy which is why I love it. So I'll definitely recommend you to try it! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Food for Thought: Beauty is Subjective

I know my title isn't exactly the most creative but it's straight to the point. In 6 days, I'm going to be 22 and surprisingly the lady-friends around me aren't really makeup-addicts like me or put that much makeup for that matter. I mean, it's great that ladies out there feel comfortable in their own skin and don't feel the need to enhance their beauty with makeup. It's awesome. But, it also means that It can be lonely when it comes to sharing what I love with those around me.

As much as I love makeup and love dolling myself up (sometimes for no reason, and yeah it happens), I try not to let it define who I am. I had my insecurities when I was younger; others' opinions, the way I looked and my skin. Mostly because of my skin. So makeup was my therapy. It covered up my imperfections (or so I thought). It made me feel better about myself. But through out the years, I definitely change my perspective towards having makeup on and its necessity. I guess I grew up? I'm not as immature as I was before or was I that vain to think that 'I must have makeup or I'm not stepping out the door'. 

So here's my perspective right now:

1. I think it's great that women are able to use makeup to enhance their natural features and boost their self-confidence.

2. Makeup is not the only thing that can make you feel happy/confident.

3. I think that every girl should be comfortable in their own skin without all that makeup.

4. You should feel pretty from inside-out. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

OOTD | Casual Saturday

We've been craving for this kimchi soup for quite some time already and finally went to Bugis to satisfy this craving. It's so good. I always thought kimchi had this weird and strong taste, so I never liked it. It's too kimchi for me. :P But anyways, we really liked this kimchi soup, the kimchi taste isn't too overwhelming and just the way I like it. This picture sums up what we had. I didn't take much pictures of food because we just got carried away with the meat. 



Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Bangkok
Shoes: Nasty Gal
Bag: Coach

Wednesday, January 1, 2014